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  1. You waiting on the short bus to show up?
  2. I got you semi-covered at the lo-mac boards...hopefully. Invest in a new mic basically....preferrably one thats of the USB sex. I am homophonojackaphobic after Microsoft bestowed us this lovely new o/s.
  3. Its not that unrealistic, with the only problem being the most inboard missile isnt authorized for use unless under extreme duress. FYI this is IguanaKing's mod, Ill post it here...FYI I believe this one attaches R-77's to the Sues. Disregard this change if you use it. I guess someone should ask if this mod should be authorized for RF4. This one mods the missiles to where they seat properly on the Maverick stations (ie 1 outboard rail, 1 bottom rail). A_10_loadout.rar
  4. File Name: New Loading Screens File Submitter: utley File Submitted: 19 Aug 2007 File Category: Misc. Files New Loadout Screens for LockOn 1.12 (will work on older versions). Click here to download this file
  5. New Loading Screens



    New Loadout Screens for LockOn 1.12 (will work on older versions).
  6. I will have a download link once its approved at lockonfiles. I will also add the Su-25T screen when I have approval.
  7. Well why not? Id call it Cy-25T if I wanted to...its politically correct. Its also respectful if you call it by its original name. Its one thing to call it its given name but another thing to say the name as to chew on it and spit it out. You wouldnt want me to call you n forcycle now would you?
  8. Padlock is (a2a or a2g mode first) delete key on numpad, and disconnecting padlock is numlock.
  9. Ill toss in my 2 cents too. Sup guys.
  10. Hilarious!!!

    That was too stupid for me to comprehend....thank GOD that is a false topic, else I would have to hunt down these misfits and thoroughly and intricately indoctrinate them in the advantages of DOS and AMD.
  11. 5 gmail accounts to give away...

    lucifers_hitman@yahoo.com GIMME! :)
  12. Overclocking video cards

    What kind of card do you have?

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