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  1. can some one make the mission on the default map and upload the mission file please......
  2. can anyone do a WOE carrier mission campaign using the default map, i already got the carriers working tks
  3. the A-4AR Fightinghawk stick in the center or side like F16 the A-4AR Fightinghawk package seems to be on the side tks
  4. info

    does a CH-47 have a loadmaster or something ??? TKS --sorry put in wrong topic.
  5. does anyone knows why i search in the lobby but no players?
  6. how to add air combat mode i can't fire the AMRAAM
  7. ok i got that fix tks but i got other problem when i choose close air support it cause error?
  8. can someone help me tks think my screen too small the max i can go is 1024x760
  9. thanks Craigbrierly for the aircraft thanks Fubar512 for helping to upload hope someone will now do a rafale
  10. maybe try uploading at http://www.column5.us
  11. even after the upgrade?
  12. does mig 29G uses amercian weapon?
  13. when i click on weapon editor nothing happen???
  14. thanks great aircraft now just waiting for EF2000

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