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  1. New Hornet sim in making

    Thanks For This Link...Love new stuff,,I hope I get a better job to get brand new boxed games and a brand new computer to play these fabulous games.
  2. I have WOI. Secondly, I have resolved my situation. I was fixated on "animation key" and trying to figure out how to map these to the thrust. I was mixing up animation keys with regular keys mapped for actual functionality of the game. I'm back to normal until something else pops up. thanx for your help, guys.
  3. I'm very appreciative of any little feedback. I would like it if someone would just plainly tell me where to go inside the prog and change and add whatever. Like, for instance, I went on my own and edited the av8s data ini and changed the degrees right under this heading // Engines --------------------------------------------------------- // 1 Rolls-Royce (Pegasus) F402-RR-402 21500 lbf from ThrustAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 to ThrustAngles=0.0,90.0,0.0 What this do was let me for once get vertical lift off but not horizontal control or thrust (close but not yet). I know that once you get the hang of anything in life what looks easy to you might still be a large ocean of confusion to someone else. Please use patience to help me out of this situation. Thanks
  4. What I mean is, that these keys are default so I should be able to have a harrier light off the ground by just pushing Shift + 1 or so, right off the bat or do I have to do some ini changes. for instance, this download is for such thrust capability for the harrier---vector capable. There's ini changes, but how to make these work I have no idea.
  5. I'm a little ticked that you can't find a good 'how-to' as far as mapping vector keys to a harrier jet in this huge data base. Does anyone know how this is done without debate??? I've searched to the point of desperation. I mean, do i have to edit an ini file or what?
  6. FastCargo...please have patience with me when I tell you that I don't see the ASAT but, only @ this address...http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showt...404&hl=ASAT sorry for the misunderstanding if any.
  7. Where is the ASAT missile in your files??
  8. Hi ya, I was wondering about the weapons pack used here? It wasn't mentioned in the download page. Thanks.
  9. Nicr if I can get a hold of the latest patch you claim in your readme. I've tried to find the darn thingy.
  10. What original set up is required to get this to really work?
  11. I got it to work. It doesn't needed.
  12. Thanx but how do I patch Strike Fighter proj 1 with this???
  13. Where can I get the April 2008 patch? I've been looking with google, and have not found it.
  14. I have a terribe situation...All weapons packs crash my strike force

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