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  1. CF-18 Crash in Southern Alberta

    Did you hear the chick at the end of the video? "Was that supposed to happen? Was that the Tora Tora?" Wow, kids these days. Glad the pilot got out ok.
  2. I hope that this isn't a repost. Some of the low passes are pretty good. The pilot in the Jaguar almost took the guys head off on the runway.
  3. AWACS Nose gear

    Oh, the irony. LOL
  4. AWACS Nose gear

    When did that happen? That bird is one from my wife's old Wing. (552nd)
  5. Strike Fighters is a fine game but Fighters Anthology is by far the most fun flight sim that I've ever played. Remember Air Base Assault and the City Dogfight Maps? It would be nice if we were just able to get an updated version of that exact game, don't change anything but give it modern graphics. What a hoot that was.
  6. MiG's need love too

    There's one on Ebay right now for $49,000 buy it now. LOL MIG-21
  7. Lookie what I got !

    Wow, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss were there and picked her autograph? Robert Plant FTW. Just giving you a hard time, BTW.
  8. Tank round question

    That's a 105mm APERS round, more commonly known as the "Beehive" round. There's also a flechette round as well, shoots big metal toothpicks. You wouldn't want to get hit with either one of them.
  9. A Plane i had never heard of...

    I believe that the NC-4 was manufactured by Curtiss. Lindbergh was the first to do it solo.
  10. Here´s a lovely story!

    Oh and another thing, I had read somewhere that the MIG-23's wing box wasn't stressed for high-g manuevers. The aircraft was designed originally as an interceptor and was never intended to dogfight. The capture of the Mig by the Israelis confirmed this. The aircraft captured was a MLD model so more than likely the wing box wasn't strengthened in the later models either. The aircraft's strengths were it's high acceleration and decent (for the time) radar compared to other fighters of its era such as the early F-4s. I would find it unlikely that it could even hang with an F-4E in turning capability at speed.
  11. IR BVR Missiles

    The Russian tactic of radar first and IR second is that the radar missle most likely won't hit the target, but it will cause the target to concentrate on evading the missle instead of engaging the Russian aircraft and then the IR missile can be shot at close range hopefully before the aircraft can reaquire and engage the Russian aircraft.
  12. Here´s a lovely story!

    The F-4 was most likely downed by a SAM, in 1972, the US sent many replacement F-4E's to Isreal to replace losses from SAMs.
  13. Although I don't think we'll ever see a B-1R, why wouldn't the AMRAAM's be carried internally on the rotary launchers? Besides I think it would be far more likely that we would spend the money on F-22's than more B-1's.
  14. Korean Air War books please?

    I read Crimson Sky- The Air Battle for Korea at the local base library, very interesting. It dealt with many other types of aircraft besides Sabres and also had some figures contradicting the very high kill ratios that we claimed. The true Sabre kill ratio may have been as little as 2 or 3:1. Check it out.
  15. Look what came in with the tide...

    Looks like an old Ryan Firebee drone. They were used as missle targets and it looks like they may have missed that one.

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