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  1. hmmm 52TFW patch on the camo A4?..
  2. Yeah thats it! :) And i remembered where i saw it, it was the 1996 Royal International Air Tatoo at RAF Fairford.. :)
  3. in realy life i think it looks like a waste of airspace.. but for the game it looks pretty good :) back in 96 i saw some with shark mouth`s on `m.. italian ones.. might be a nice idea for a skin
  4. Flyable F/A-18....

    Yeah dynamic campaign is a must... and one that realy randomizes missions.. so you dont get like 10 BDA missions after eachother.. i hate that
  5. Just bought a dutch flightsim magazine and in it some dude is playing the alpha version and also saying that he was told that there will be a flyable F18 in lockon... might be nice, i would have prefered the F14 or F4.. to many F18 sims out there as it is..
  6. LOMAC A-10 video

    indeed, the hog clip made me want the sim even more.. Why even put in the other aircraft when most people are just looking forward to flying the hog
  7. His totaly fab site has a couple zips that show corrupt when unpacking.. oh and btw, also on his site are screenshots of a awesome F105 ready for next upgrade..is that coming together with the Phabulous Phantoms? oh and the migs and scooter
  8. *faints* especialy the Birmingham RF4C..err F4E, awesome colors, saw that one in `93.. last operational American F4 squad.. *sniffle* oh and the St Louis Crate had a chrome gun nozzle.. might be nice to put that in there.. if possible
  9. Harvard vs. Florida State... good laugh

    Go Noles :!:
  10. one of my favorite ANG squadrons.. together with the 119FIG (Happy Hooligans) if you want i got a good side view drawing for both i can mail ya. PP
  11. You rock Tiwaz. how bout making one in the markings of Illinois ANG?

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