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  1. Wanted to know if anyone knows why my dust clouds appear black instead of a light brown? thanks
  2. Heated discussion or not? Personally I think they were catching a few Z's. From my experience in the bus radio chatter can sound as soothing as your mother's voice if you're tired enough. Selcal will definately wake you up when you get an alert. Not sure how much CPDLC (controller pilot datalink communication) is used in the states. We use it a lot flying long haul and it sure gets quiet when you don't have to talk to anyone and the all the controllers do is monitor your position through this equipment. Where were the flight attendants? They're supposed to check every 20/30 mins on the pilots. Regardless one thing I can say is never say it will never happen to me...
  3. Cool hand strikes again! Close Air Support near the DMZ. Mig-21's show up to spoil the show downing Coolhand's wingman. After some risky flying he manages to position himself ontop of the Mig and drop his ordnance. "Cool as a Jewl says Virgil."
  4. Thanks, I figured that's why I was having trouble with the install seeing as my WOV version is the latest patched. I'll be eagerly awaiting the re-release.
  5. Thanks comrpnt, nice screenies. I do have the series but I must admit I'm having a little difficulty with getting everything to work , will post in the correct section.
  6. I have been eyeing your O-1 birdog, very nice! So to create missions like that you mean with an editor or with the generic single player missions in the stock game?
  7. No! How did they retire the FAC/bird dog from Vietnam? Hmmmm so I guess there's no way to get ai to mark targets with smoke rockets? I have toyed with the idea of making the bird dog a CAS aircraft and just editing the loadout for CAS with smoke rockets and then adding a flight of "real" CAS aircraft. Do you think this would work?
  8. Awww schucks! I just finished reading "A hundred feet over hell" and was in the mood for some FAC missions. Even in SF2: V?
  9. Am I missing something here? I have never actually seen a FAC mark targets with smoke rockets. Is this normal? Is there a way of actually flying FAC missions and calling in airstrikes? Is this supported in SF2: Vietnam? Sorry if this is already posted, I have tried to use the search function with no luck.
  10. This is a compilation of CAT shots from "Speed and Angels". The last shot (1:18 - 1:40) is the best and it also gives a good indication of the airspeed readout on the HUD during and after the shot. Enjoy! http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=36S7-0HI6C0
  11. Thanks for the reply. I actually got the Airspeed readout off of a few recorded CAT shots and tried to beef up the speed a little more for fudge factor and lag. Loved the article too. Maybe they thought he took too much time tying up the CAT
  12. After a bit of experimenting I tested 4.5 as the launchtime. Long I know but it puts the F-14D right at 160 Knots at the end of the shot which is closer to realistic. The problem I'm having now is that the plane still suffers from a lack of lift and sinks after the shot. It also takes a second or two for the elevator to become useable.
  13. Ahhhh, I understand where I went wrong. I forgot to factor that it's actually based on acceleration and not just a simple speed calculation.
  14. Ok thanks, I did the calculation to convert Knots to meters per second and it works out to be around 77 mps and then calculated that I should be using about 1.3 seconds I'm pretty sure the maths is correct. I did a check on it too with a speed converter.
  15. Hi all, I remember reading somewhere on the forum about how to edit the speed at which aircrafts are shot off of carriers but I can't seem to find it. I'm currently using the F-14D and getting shot off the boat at close to 300 knots. I'm trying to reduce that speed to a more realistic one of around 150 knots. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. thanks, C

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