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  1. Whats Your Favorite Airplane Movie

    Stealth! Lol just kidding. I'd have to go with Top Gun in honor of our fallen comrades, the Tomcats.
  2. Soviet incursion into Japanese airspace

    Recently discovered oil deposits in Russia have allowed them to funnel millions into the revival of the Russian military. They are simply "flexing their muscles" for the rest of the world to see. In the last 6 months they have flown Tu-95s over military bases in Guam and England.
  3. Your Favorite Real Aircraft and Why?

    Probably because Hornets are hands-down the worst plane ever created.
  4. Your Favorite Real Aircraft and Why?

    Sukhoi Su-47 Firkin
  5. Another F-15 crash...

    Well whether it was a systems failure or a structural one, it still will not look good to the people who decide on the military budget. If we aren't careful, someday we may have F/A-18s in the Air Force. *shudders at the thought*
  6. Best Job Ever?

    I met the F-22 Demo Team last September in Norfolk. I got all their signatures and their official demo team challenge coin.

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