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  1. Is this a Vista 64 only problem ? I'm going to give XP 64 a try anyway. If I don't like it I may go over to Vista 64. Running with the newest patch from TW would be my preference.
  2. I am building a new computer in a few days and I am just wondering if the TW games run well or at all on XP-64 or Vista-64. Does anyone know ? If they do run is there any performance difference ? The main reason i'm going to 64bit is to get around the 4gb of ram limit on 32bit OS's. Here are the components the new machine will have: Core 2 Duo e8500 3.16mhz 1333fsb 8gb Kingston 1066mhz ddr2 Ram Asus P5N-T deluxe mobo 1333fsb 3-way SLI @16x PCIe 2.0 640gb Sata 2 WD hard drive Asus/Nvidia 9600GSO 384mb ddr2 (two of these installed for now but will be upgraded later) 600mhz core, 1700mhz shader, 1800mhz mem clock. They aren't too shabby performance wise for $90 Canadian at a local store. LOL ! Any comments will be appreciated.
  3. Should've mentioned in my last post that the AI does seem to be improved. I have never had Mig-21's put up so much of a fight before and my wingman actually fired on one without being ordered ! It was a lot of fun chasing them down into the weeds !
  4. I just tested the game out after doing a fresh install and patch without adding ANY mods yet and i've noticed a few changes. First and foremost I noticed a significant framerate drop and some blurry fonts at the top of the screen where it says "Flaps, Landing Gear..." etc. I'll try to get a screenshot up later. The aircraft now look extra sharp and edgy but everything else seems slightly out of focus. This was after I made sure I was using the same graphics and gameplay settings as per usual on my machine. I double checked my drivers and DirectX to make sure they were up to date so the problem isn't there. Keep in mind on my old install I was running the Forests and Farms mod as well as the Airfield Lighting mod and Widesky plus more high-res planes than you could shake a stick at with very few framerate problems. The other strange thing was the flight model for the stock F-15 seems a bit unstable now. It's really easy to get into a spin. That's the only aircraft i've tested thus far but more testing will ensue. I would rather go back to playing with the last patch than have to turn my graphics settings down to medium or low just to make this game run smooth. Hope the patch works better for others than for me Cheers
  5. I have to agree here ! These are indeed some very nice color settings. They look beautiful on my Viewsonic 20" GS790 CRT. Just tested with WOE and Half Life 2. Everyone should keep in mind that the results of these settings will vary depending on how you have the built in color settings of your monitor set up, not to mention the type and brand of monitor.
  6. From what everyone's experience tells me in order for me to get good speeds out of the Thirdwire games I will need to buy an Alienware computer ! The crappy motherboard in this computer won't allow for anymore than 1gb of ram so in order to upgrade to more ram and a better cpu I will have to buy a better mobo first. There's no way am I buying all of that just to get a few more frames out of these games any time soon. I simply cannot afford to build a high spec gaming rig on my current income. The bills are piling up faster than the money LOL !
  7. Just figured I would share my recent experiences on the frame rate issues in this game. The thirdwire series seems to be very picky about which video cards and cpu's a person has in order to get good frame rates. Yesterday I installed a brand new ASUS/Nvidia GSO9600 which has 384mb of GDDR3 ram @1600mhz, a 600mhz (g92 series) core gpu and a 192bit memory interface at stock settings. This is a very good card for overclocking BTW ! This is also a very nice card if you want to play Call of Duty 4 or Quake Wars:Enemy Territory with high settings but it doesn't seem to run the thirdwire games worth a damn ! The card I upgraded from was an Nvidia 7300gs 256mb DDR2 with a 400mhz core that wouldn't run either of the games mentioned above at all unless you like 800x600 with all options on low LOL! It could however, run the thirdwire series fairly well considering the low specs of the card. I usually got around 25 to 30 fps when playing WOI with most of the settings on high except for the cockpit reflections, mirrors and the water detail would have to be set to low or medium. The frame rates i'm getting with the new card are only better by maybe 5 to 10 frames when using the same settings even though it absolutely blows the old card away when it comes to graphics intensive games like CoD4, Quake Wars etc. Whats up with that?!! My other specs are: Intel Dual Core Pentium D @ 2.66ghz, 1gb ram, WD 7800rpm 200gb hard drive. Long story short: why is a kick ass card only beating an old slow card by a couple of frames on Thirdwire games but totally crushing it on every other game ?
  8. Thanks for the replies i've gotten on this so far. I couldn't make it out today to get the other power supply so I still don't even know for sure if I can run this card without spending some more dough. From what I have read the card seems to run most newer games fairly well even at high resolutions but the power requirements seem kinda high. It says it needs at least +12volts @ 28 amps to run stable. Is this above the norm ? I don't know much about power supplies and I may need to buy a better one. If anyone knows a lot about this stuff could you please post ? I know there are other forums for this kind of stuff but i'm upgrading so I can run the Thirdwire games better so I think it applies enough to post here !
  9. Today I picked up an ASUS EN9600GSO 384mb DDR3 video card at a bargain price at my local computer store. I haven't tested it yet because my power supply is too weak to handle it but my other computer at my GF's place has a better one which I may swap out tomorrow or the next day. My question is: does anyone on here have one of these cards whether it be made by ASUS or any other manufacturer and does it run the Thirdwire series well on high settings. Right now i'm using a geforce 7300gs 256mb DDR2 and with WOI or WOE running at 1024x768 with all settings on high. I usually get around 35/40 fps unless there are non-stop SAM's coming at me. The smoke trails from the SAM's tend to drop my framerates to thier knees ! BTW the computer is an Intel Dual Core @ 2.66ghz with 1gb RAM. I know that's not a lot of RAM but I need to get a new mobo to allow more :( The game(s) have never crashed on me because of lack of RAM though and I usually run with a few mods like the Widesky and Enhanced Explosions 3 etc.
  10. This is a great piece of work indeed. I've been using it for a while now with no problems except the shimmying at supersonic speed. Has anyone figured out a workaround or .ini tweak to correct this ?
  11. Thanks I'll check it out. Can't have too much avionics in a tomcat. When you're putting it up against Flankers you need all the help you can get !
  12. I did have a good look at the target by pressing F8 and there wasn't anything on the ground but the marker. No amount of bombing would destroy it so obviously there's nothing there. My 3 wingmen and I turned the area into a bunch of craters and nothing was destroyed. I even tried giving everyone a s**tload of small bombs and we carpet bombed to area to no effect. Sometime today I will try a full reinstall, patch, and mod. I'll let you know what happens with that. Can't think of what else to try. As for the weapon settings I always set them to hard. flight model = hard Hud = easy Radar = easy landing and collision = hard fuel and ammo = normal overall campaign difficulty and length is set to normal. Again, it only happens during the first F-18c mission. Just strange !
  13. Nope ! Those NVA troops still don't show up on the battlefield. ALL of the folders are in place too ! This is very strange indeed. This takes a while to test since a mission of that type rarely appears. I haven't gotten an anti personnel mission to show up in single mission mode ever, just campaigns. I can live without this type of mission since the rest of the mod works fine and is IMHO way better than the default one for sure. In the meantime I figured out what was going on with the F-18 loadouts. It turns out that ONLY during the FIRST mission of an F-18 campaign do they force you to stick to carrying 1000lb bombs. After that you can carry almost anything; 88c's, SLAM's, Exocet's, AGM 65's, unguided bombs, whatever you like to toss. The SLAM Harpoon is the best fire and forget AG weapon ever ! If the boat was pointed the right way you wouldn't need to leave the deck LOL ! Don't waste too much of your valuable time on this. Go enjoy your time with your new wife.
  14. I just checked to see where that NVA folder is and it seems it wasn't added to my groundobjects folder. OOPS ! So I added the folders to groundobjects like it says in the readme that came with the 2 infantry packs, Pasko's and the upgrade, this time double checking to make sure everything is in it's place. All files are in place now but there is one slight problem. In the readme it says to add a few lines of data to groundobjectdata.ini in the same manner as if you were adding weapons manually to weapondata.ini but there isn't any file called groundobjectdata.ini anywhere in my install. Yes, I checked inside all of the CAT's and did a complete search of my hard drive to be sure it wasn't moved or something. The closest file with that name I could find is groundobject.ini which upon inspection doesn't look like it should be messed with at all and doesn't have it's contents numbered like the weaponsdata.ini. WTF is going on with my install? Is the readme in the pasko pack messed up or what? Can someone please comment about installing these packs and what they had to do. Thi is getting frustrating since i've never had so much trouble with a mod before and other people are running this without any problems. I should mention that the game never crashes on me so I must be close to getting this right ! LOL !

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