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  1. 69th VFS "Os Corvos"

    Novo video ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMnQf0BE07w&feature=player_embedded# !
  2. 69th VFS "Os Corvos"

    A Esq. 69th VFS Os Corvos está a recrutar pilotos para ingressar nos quadros da Esq. Começo dos treinos Initial Qualification Training em Março de 2010 + info aqui Utilizem a pagina de contacto do site para mais informações Cumprimentos e bons voos a todos ;)
  3. youre welcome friend, Blue skies ;)
  4. Cant start Engines

    Yes, you have to wait for the 20% rpm in idle mode, then you go to 50% rpm and press the idle detent, idle again and the engine should go to 70% rpm ;) Here you go: a simple rampstart video ;) Hope this helps
  5. how to change it tp night

    You can change to night only on TE (tactical engagements). you go to edit and then just work the clock on the top right of the page ;) as for the manual, i have Dash34 shortcut on the desktop for fast research....been flying this for some years now...and i still go to the manual a lot of times hehehe
  6. Cant start Engines

    Restart the process and try to use the right mouse button to flick the JFS button, works for me when that bug happens ;)
  7. F4:AF Ranks and medals

    Getting the air medal is quite easy. You just have to catch a enemy infantry unit in a campaign, take some clusters (mk-20) and anihilate them, you should get 20 to 40 kills....and at the end of the mission, youll shurely get a air medal ;)
  8. making more planes flyable

    thats correct. As for the file, you only have to rename the validAC.bin in the config folder to XvalidAC.bin and youll be all good ;)
  9. You wont be able to pull 9G constant turns....8.5 till 8.8 is pretty good ;)
  10. Flight Hours?

    TE flights will only count for youre flight hours, in campaign everything counts, targets, blue on blue and you can only be promoted via campaign. Blue skies ;)
  11. Flying as AI Wingman

    AI Flight leads tend to b very eractic, they dont have a padron.... Usually they fly around 270 Knts, but in terms of amount of Gs in turns they vary a lot, depends on many factors ;) (can tell you that i saw some of them making 90º turns!) My advice, keep some distance from your AI FL and youll do fine ;)
  12. Black screen, please HELP

    Hello, That a common error in Falcon, and it related to youre video codecs, probably youre using K-lite codec pack, and that is not compatible with falcon. My advice to solv that problem, is to get another codec pack, i use comunity codec pack with no problem. Hope this helps you guys ;) Happy landings
  13. 69th VFS "Os Corvos"

    Boas Milker, Na verdade o meu call sign é DoG na 69th ;) Finalmente existe uma esquadra portuguesa de F4, num mundo dominado por outros paises, mas estamos ca de pedra e cal ha ja 2 anos quase. Estamos ja em fase de exercícios internacionais e de treino avançado de pilotos (OPTAC), ainda voamos AF apenas na academia para cadetes, porque a esquadra passou para o Open Falcon, como ja era o nosso plano desde inicio. Agora os falcons sao bastante estaveis quer online, quer offline, o que facilita bastante as coisas. Quanto a ti, quando quiseres e puderes, junta te ao nosso TS para conheceres o pessoal e fazeres uns voos conosco, como deves ter visto levamos as coisas bastante a serio e tentamos aproximar mo nos o mais possivel á realidade de uma esquadra real de F16, o que implica um gozo enorme neste nosso "vicio" ;) Qualquer dificuldade, manda me PM no forum que eu dou te uma ajuda :D Bons voos e ate breve, Pedro "DoG" Vidal 69th PILinst
  14. Visita a BA5 Monte Real

    Muito boas fotos, parabens! Volta e meia tb la vou á base dos vipers portugueses, mas é sempre um prazer ver fotos de outras pessoas hehehehehe Prai ha um mes esteve la parado um Eurofighter, pena nao ter a camara komigo, por akaso nao tens fotos disso? cumps DoG
  15. 69th VFS "Os Corvos"

    Um video mais elaborado da esquadra 69th VFS os Corvos, espero que gostem http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2233334/corvos_style/ e um video de fotos recentes da esquadra http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2230978//

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