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  1. *WARNING* A$$hole alert!

    Rush has based his career on half-baked inflammatory spew - mostly to get a reaction. A few short-minded people take everything he says as gospel. I see him a just another streetcorner nutcase with a hate-filled rant. Anyone who disagrees wit him is automatically crazy and probably a communist to boot. Just that his ranting does get out more with his media empire at work. Just like with a ranting looney at the park, I walk around him and keep going.
  2. Two prototypes of the Skyshark were built. Great idea for a logical follow-on to the Skyraider. Not a success as turboprops of that era were underpowered and unreliable. Not enough improvement over the in-service AD to warrant the investment. One was / is at the Planes of Fame Chino museum.
  3. I did what you told me to and it works fine now. Clean install, got new DirectX from MS, install Oct 08 update and NF 1,2,3; good to go. Going to backup the whole shootin' match before adding NF4. Thanks again, Rangerdog
  4. Thanks. I'll give that a try. v/r Rangerdog
  5. Folks, I installed the basic WOE from the CD on my laptop (WIN XP) and it ran fine. When I adeded any of the patches or updates, it flickers on startup, goes to a black screen and CTD's. I've added the patches individually and all together, CTD's regardless. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Rangerdog
  6. tax time in spungie land

    One way to look at it: i.e. x+5%=20.67 means 105% of some amount (math-heads have to call it "x") is 20.67 dividing 20.67 by 105 = .1969 (or 1/105th of 20.67) Multiply .1969 by 100 = 19.69 (we have "solved for x") Subtract 19.69 from 20.67 = .98 tax as a check, divide .98 tax by 19.69 price = .04977 (pretty close to 5%) It would be a snap to set up an excel spreadsheet and let "Bill" do the work.
  7. Have Turned to the Dark Side

    FWIW just got an iPodTouch. Already have a decent cellphone plan. I sold some stuff I didn't need and WTHN (Why The Heck Not)? I read up on the jailbreak hack, seems like a high potential of wrecking the unit if not done right. I'll pass on that one. Overall - pretty neat. I have the Xplane Standard and Extreme. The gizmo has accelerometers that know where it is. You control it by tilting the iPod itself. Nice HUD and terrain. Standard is pretty tame. Extreme has the F-22, B-1, SR-71, and B-2 It's a blast to roar through the "canyons" scenery in the F-22!
  8. Back in "The Day", the Navy Equivalent of a Brigadier General Rank(O-7 Grade) ( One Thick stripe and one thin one) was Rear Admiral, Lower Half. They wore 2-star insignia, however . The Navy brass knew who was what. Commodore (one wide stripe) was a wartime-only Rank / Grade. Rear Admiral, Upper Half (2 Star) was one wide and two thin stripes. Vice Admiral / 3 Star is one wide & 3 thin stripes. Admiral / 4 Sar is a wid e& 4 thin stripes. IIRC, it went back and forth during the 70's & 80s between Commodore & 1/2 Admiral :-). It looks like nowadays, Rear Admiral Lower Half is back in style for 1-Star equivalents. Gotta love it! Rangerdog
  9. Dave, Are you at W-P now? I'm a contractor @ Hanscom. I have a meeting coming up @ W-P in early Feb. Maybe I can come by and say hello. Send me a PM. v/r Rangerdog
  10. The idea of the 2-seat F-5s was more of a combat trainer with an instructor in the back seat as opposed to a WSO. IIRC, the early and late F-5 Series included 2 seaters as combat trainers. Early models F-5A singleton and F-5B dual seat. Except for the 20mm cannons, The F-5B had the same combat capabilty (same structure, pylons, etc.) as the F-5A. The Canadian forces used the F-5B as their advanced jet trainer / tactical fighter lead-in platform. Later F-5E single / F-5F dual. A similar story as the F-5A/F-5B, but the F-5F had the F-5E's radar and a single 20mm cannon in addition to the pylons, etc. v/r Rangerdog
  11. My KLu adventure

    Da, Kamerad . . . vee haf a spezial place in the Gulag for aeroplane drivers like you !!!
  12. My KLu adventure

    Great news! Congratulations. Rangerdog
  13. My KLu adventure

    Great to hear! Remember the primary rule of instrument flight: "One peek is worth a thousand crosschecks"

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