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  1. What was the Worse console game you ever played?

    In recent years, I'd have to say Two Worlds for the 360 was very much up there. It was supposed to be an epic "Oblivion Killer" RPG, but it had crap for story, garbage voice acting (really, it was so bad I could have done it better myself) and the gameplay was the stuff that breaks controllers via blunt force impact. All those hours of getting mauled to death by things 14 levels higher than myself a half mile away from the starting point I'll never get back...
  2. Whoo!!! Suicide bombing made fun! The MXY-7 Ohka... proof Japan was still nuts back then...
  3. Personal Super Computers!

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? I thought quad-core and dual quad-core PCs were a tad overkill... Almost makes you wonder how high one of those would raise one's energy bill...
  4. Any other shooters here?

    I grew up in Kentucky, so I come from a long line of people that sit on their porch and shoot at things/insurance salesmen. I now live in Florida, where gun laws seem to be very, VERY lenient by comparison to some states. Hell, in the four hour course to get the paperwork done with to get my concealed carry license, the instructor himself (a 25 year career hardass SWAT man) said that by Florida law, there is no crime committed by roaming the streets stopping criminals (rapists, muggers, burglars, et cetera) with 230 grain bitch slaps. As long as it stops a crime or serious injury/worse. I carry a Springfield 1911 GI model with me damn near everywhere. Haven't had to use it yet, but I'm all set to f*** someone's day up if they try to mug me :3 2nd amendment FTW
  5. The Person Below Me

    True, but I'm pretty sure that it makes things go 'boom'. The person below me secretly loves guns-only showdowns with squadrons of tailgunners.

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