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  1. What not to do...

    Wonder what happened to "Act I" (the boats called Act II)
  2. What does it feel like to be shot?

    Honestly, I dont think any gunshot would feel the same, what with all the possibilities...(bullet, gun, pain tolerance, wound area, distanc, etc). Although im sure it will always hurt, and is probably one of those "only want to feel it once type of pains, similar to being hit by a car... And to lighten the mood, this is oddly enough not the oddest question ive been asked haha
  3. Spiders again...

    Im pretty sure its the caffine laced one too
  4. vanessa..member

    That really sucks, hope she gets well soon!
  5. HR 45

    I agree with this completely, and find this law to be utterly overcomplicated...I think it could be a little bit better in some ways (Like finding a suspect), but not necessary
  6. Unless im mistaken, its a whole bunch of in-depth aircraft flight data...only know that because i had a semester long class on it last semester...unfortunately we only touched on the matter and i dont know what that stuff means, except for CLmax which i believe is max angle of attack...not sure though
  7. RIP Ed

  8. H.A.W.X.

    Co-op...you dont say...i will rent this now perhaps...ive heard some good stuff about it
  9. Awesome...So now mother russia's red air has their answers to the B-52 and B-1. I do believe that will top off the list...fighters, bombers, recon, etc...were on a level playing field. Keep up the good work!
  10. The Person Below Me

    UGHH YES!!! I hate snow and i hate cold...guess im livin in the wrong place The person below me has "da madd bass" in their car
  11. I think those are good specs, dont know about the corner speed thing, but ask some of the other modders who make planes.

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