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  1. no... I just can't believe that, and nearly a year is already passed without all of yours. Now I have to apologize with everyone, but I had reasons concerning my service that took me away for a long time. This bad surprise makes me so sad, and I'd like first to apologize with Oli's family, and then give my condolences to all of them. Oli, may your young soul be like the steel wings that we used to fly together so many times. Keep on flying with us, now by using your wings, much higher than piloting any plane... May the Lord bless you in every way and every moment. Our heart is yours forever. Rest in peace, Oli.
  2. Sorry to bother you with my ignorance... I followed all the requested steps to update WOE to Operation Desert Storm... When I click on the Campaign button, the program crashes because of an error in this file: campaignscreen.dll Don't know how to do... will someone could help??? Thank you in advance...
  3. Carissimi

    Davvero complimenti vivissimi, poche volte ho potuto dire di aver visto modelli tento dettagliati, quasi da sembrare delle foto. Sono anch'io un appassionatissimo "macchiniano", applausi, applausi, applausi, BRAVI TUTTI!!!!
  4. back to the past

    Per me l'inizio sarà stato intorno ai 13 anni con la serie F15 Strike Eagle per PC, ma la passione smodata per il volo simulato è nata dopo essermi fatto una ragione, a 17 anni, di non poter diventare un pilota militare nella vita reale a causa del mio seppur lievissimo difetto di vista. Ricordo chiaramente che ricevetti la mazzata in faccia direttamente dal comandante del gruppo di selezione, che mi disse che pur essendo idoneo per il servizio in Aeronautica non avrei potuto aspirare al ruolo piloti per colpa dei miei tanto odiati occhiali. Da allora iniziai a studiare come se fossi tornato a scuola, una sorta di reazione compulsiva al rifiuto ricevuto, una sorta di erudizione che non avrebbe in ogni caso trovato realizzazione se non in un simulatore di volo militare. Ho iniziato ad imparare i primi rudimenti con FS, giocando il vecchio ma splendido "Operation Overlord", poi Aces of the Pacific/Aces over Europe, CFS, sempre per capire meglio le dinamiche del volo ad elica. Poi mi sono sentito pronto per i motori a reazione! La serie 3rd Wire mi piace molto, ho completato WOV anche se lo sto rigiocando spesso con la varie altre missioni, purtroppo non ho il tempo per fare delle sessioni online ma mi diverto lo stesso! Tally Ho! We're on target!
  5. Decals e skin

    se vuoi posso dare una mano anch'io, me li mandi? pau.piccolo@libero.it
  6. Really a great work! I am very impressed, most of all for the great artwork done on the skins! I'll make an indipendent installation for these new planes! "Tally Ho! We're on Target!"
  7. Women in uniform...

    TOO YOUNG!!!!! I find impossible that a so young girl would fly an Harrier! Please remove that image, everyting is wrong! The Spanish Armed Forces Rules orders that every woman in service have to keep their hair tightened while on duty! The patches aren't applied properly and I can't see any kind of rank!
  8. Prepare to be amazed

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! If I haven't seen t I wouldn't believe it! Nice strike!
  9. Nothing to say... it was a great bomber. It's greatest glories were that ones who the world never knows because secret operations. "Tally Ho! We're on Target!"
  10. General warning!

    I have read Weapons delivery manual for SF, it's only in English. I'd like to communicate to this Forum that I'm working to translate it in Italian language. I hope to finish it quite soon, so to help Italian members to play not only this game but all the combat flight simulations more properly. Anyone who wants to join this project is welcome, we could work in different sectors of the manual and even ampliate it !!! If someone is already working on it, please let me know, so i'd be in the possibility to help! "Tally Ho! We're on the target!" Morpheus19770
  11. Dropping tanks and racks/ordinance?

    Not bad, I'll insert something like this too in my missions! Regarding using the jettison it depends by the situation: if you're not in conditions to maneuver properly to save yourself from a sudden attack, you better do it immediately or be "forced in a landing for loss of a wing or the tail..."

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