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  1. I love the voodoo. A good source of accurate plans and good pics are the Scale & Detail Books. They are an old series of books I have the one titled, "F-101 Voodoo in Scale & Detail" It is old but pretty good reference source. You can still find them on e-bay and in some avaiation periodicals. I don't have 3D Max and can't afford it either right now, but I would love to work on a Voodoo project. Lancer
  2. Hi all, Does anyone here have any modding experience with these two old talonsoft games? I would love to create units for the dynamic campaign engine but need some guidance. The game is older, 2001. Any help would be mucho appreciated. Lancer
  3. I spent a year in Iceland on those F-15's what would be nice is if anyone could do the conformal fuels tanks. We were the only F-15C's that had them. They are basically the same as the E-Model conformals but no bomb racks. We were also the last active duty Fighter Interceptor Squadron. The base was terrible though, down wind from a fish factory. Nothing like the smel of burning JP-5 and and rotting fish guts.....yum....not. Very nice skin though!!!
  4. F-18Fs for RAAF confirmed

    Wow some harsh words for the Super Hornet's. I fully understand the politcal bruh-ha-ha with international military sales, but I got to tell you I worked on the super hornet through its late development to its LRIP configuration for BLK 1. It is very capable it just had big shoes to fill in the U.S. Navy. It replaced both the F-14 and A-6 fleets. Remember gentlemen we are in an age of do more with less. Which sucks but is true. As far as the RAAF F-111's go F/A-18E/F's have more flexable mission usage. Also just a thought Marines love F-35B's because they hate Harriers. They love what they can do, but hate the maitenance and general pilot losses to training.

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