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  1. New Aircraft

    Ho-ho! They looks awesome!
  2. New Aircraft

    Argh... Already second day. Does anybody know how to fix it?
  3. New Aircraft

    Certainly, I'm not master of rating, but as for me, this is not bad start.
  4. Farman F.30

  5. Fighting The Flying Circus

    I noticed that American and Russian insignia are very much alike but EVEN DIDN'T SUPPOSED that Americans used Russian insignia. Thank you, Geezer for the facts.
  6. Fighting The Flying Circus

    I even didn't understand that US entered the war the same time Russia withdrew from the war. :( I am not silly, aren't I? Unfortunately, such disappointments happen. Okay, but now I'll know it. Thanks.
  7. Fighting The Flying Circus

    Ok, I see that my knowledge of history are bad, then, if you know, tell me please why so.
  8. Fighting The Flying Circus

    Hmmm.. I surprised to see here the Russian flag. Why on a American aircraft the Russian flag? Very interesting..
  9. Fighting The Flying Circus

    Is this quote?
  10. New Aircraft

    Ah... Looking is great and what about graphics.... Geezer, on your screenshots everything is much more than "just nice". Gents, your work is perfect.
  11. New Aircraft

    I can't find the right expression. I can't find the right words. Really nice. Guys, you're cool! Keep up the good work!

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