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  1. Very nice job, this pack is a best off for the falkland mod. Very easy to install and works fine. The same for the Gr3 ?
  2. Hello, many thanks for this rare french plane. Just a little bug, since you have update the lod files, my mirage doesn't works. Big bug with the front gear who don't move. Your first download works perfectly on my woe, so could you place your first lod on download again. Thanks a lot Eric
  3. Many thanks Mike, all works fine now. Thanks for your great job for the wo simulation fan. Have a nice flight. Eric
  4. hello Mike, i have a little bug with your f-4c upgrade. I try to place it on my wov with oct08 patch, any trouble except in external view, i can only see my weapons, any aircraft. Wat is the trouble?

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