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  1. Where can I find some .exe files for SF2, SF2 Europe, SF2 Vietnam, and SF2 North Atlantic? I'm looking for aircraft, weapons, special effects, sounds, extractors, etc. Please help me.
  2. Everytime I play WOV with Green Hell 2 installed, along with fix, the game crashes when I hit the ESC button. My system uses Vista Home Premium Edition. What do I need to do? Hazen Cowan P.S. : Did I mention that I also have the Yankee Air Pirate Terrain installed as well?
  3. I did a new install on the Hellfires and the rack skin for the brimstone is not showing on the choosen aircraft.
  4. After I installed the weapons and racks, the skins for the AGM-114A are NOT showing and the rack for the Brimstone is also not showing. I use these weapons and racks on the AH-1W Cobra. What do I need to do to get them to show up? Hazen Cowan Edited by FastCargo - Don't post your email on a public forum...a sure way to get on a spammers list.
  5. How can I adjust the color of the sun? When I play WOV, the sun's color at the center is black. What should I do? Hazen Cowan hcowan75_@hotmail.com
  6. Where can I download the Huey Gunship helicopter? Hazen Cowan hcowan75_@hotmail.com
  7. Has anyone seen "Dogfights" on the History Channel yet? Pretty good isn't it? Hazen Cowan hcowan75_@hotmail.com
  8. When is the next weapons pack coming out? Hazen Cowan hcowan75_@hotmail.com
  9. When will Yankee Air Pirate be updated? Hazen Cowan hcowan75_@hotmail.com
  10. Does anyone know if the Blue Angels are coming back to Memphis this year? Hazen Cowan hcowan75_@hotmail.com
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    Who in his right mind came up with the idea that you had to have 5 posts in order to download anything on the website? Hazen Cowan hcowan75_@hotmail.com

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