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  1. I just flew a balloon defense mission. After coming out of warp near the second waypoint, the flight leader started a slow circling descent from around 8000 feet. The rest of the flight followed, right down to the ground, where three of them crashed for no reason - there was no flak and no enemy contact. This left my wingman and I. I warped to the next waypoint and came upon an enemy flight. I turned to follow them, but my wingman stuck to the flightplan, so I alone dived on what turned out to be a flight of 5 unarmed aircraft. They politely stayed in level flight while I shot three of them down, but with no witnesses. :cray: Is there any explanation as to why the AI would 1)crash into the ground, and 2)fly straight and level while it gets shot to pieces? Anything I can do to fix it?
  2. I uninstalled CFS3 with no problems for OFF. Ah, but 80 gig hard drives in piece of crap Dell Inspiron 1501 laptops are still with us. Half of mine is taken up by OFF and FSX.
  3. I have the old 3.0 version of CFS3, so I had to have it installed to install OFF BHaH. Now that that's taken care of, can I remove CFS3? Does OFF use anything from the CFS3 folder, or is it completely independent? If it's independent, should I uninstall CFS3, or should I manually delete the folder? Thanks

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