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  1. WW1 Aircraft Encyclopedia

  2. WW1 Aircraft Encyclopedia

    where did u put the aircraft folders?
  3. WW1 Aircraft Encyclopedia

    has anybody researched the link yet? is it good? has anybody made planes for FE yet on this?
  4. soo i put the extracted files in the original folder it came out of? cause i have the extracted terrain folders for the CTD fix and idk if thts how it works
  5. Windows Vista

    its ok, i heard thirdwire is making a vista version
  6. Windows Vista

    can u do me a big favor? can u run me through the process step by step and telling me wut to do and how to do it? if u can ill owe u something in return
  7. Windows Vista

    i really hate vista its a disgrace, im a gamer and i have older games and they dont work and now i really want to fix this game i cant believe microsoft released this hows the link to all of the wwI aircraft i gave u guys, did u enjoy it?
  8. Windows Vista

    sorry for that
  9. Windows Vista

    i need help, i have a windows vista home premium with 2048 MB RAM 4,4 GHZ proccessor and still having problems i fixed the terrain files and tht did not fix the ctds, i fixed the flightengine ini file now the game wont get past the loading screen in the game can someone help? if u can thank u
  10. Windows Vista

  11. Windows Vista

    actually i found it i just used it wrong sorry but now i did the tweaks and it stil wont work ill keep trying it
  12. Windows Vista

    i only looked in the folder where it was supposed to extract i did a search though but nothing came up
  13. Windows Vista

    wen i extract the file it dosnt show up where it extracted it to wut do i do now?
  14. Windows Vista

    im getting it, theres one more problem, wen i extract it it says it extracted it into wwiverdun folder but its not there wut do i do?
  15. Windows Vista

    wats a CAT extractor? and how do i use it?

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