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  1. Who is your best male lead vocalist?

    jimmy pop- bloodhound gang
  2. Favorite song

    chemical by start trouble
  3. wtf rampage lost

    what an upset. i really thought quinton "rampage" jackson will kick forrest griffin's ass this sunday at UFC. i lost my respect for him (rampage)
  4. So...

    macgyver for the win
  5. Happy b-day America :)

    happy fireworks day :yes:
  6. oh yeah it was a b-17 my bad :yes:
  7. Yuupiiiii! Quarter Finals here we go!

    congrats spain, its been a long time since their last championship another thing: pacman defeated diaz yesterday, KO in round 9
  8. those beagles got me too when i first saw it in WOE, now i never underestimate the tailgunner (just like in memphis belle where the b-29 shot down a bf109). try shooting those bombers down by diving at them from high altitude or attack them head-on
  9. Thank You MK2

    thanks alot MK2. also kudos to all the admin and modders for providing us with great birds.
  10. Supreme Court Rejects Death Penalty.......

    this is really bad news. those rapists should be castrated.
  11. Where Do You Prefer To Get Your News?

    BBC and CNN
  12. US built "Su-33"

    you're right dude. i watched that show and it was only top ten because of its short military service. on topic: are those SU-33s even compatible with us aircraft carriers?
  13. Well, I went and did it...

    nice ride
  14. Austin Powers

    yeah thefirst movie was great. oh behave!
  15. Editing Wings Over Vietnam

    aside from downloading modern soviet fighters you could get the challenge you are looking for by editing the data of an f-16. open the f-16_data.ini then add SOVIET to the nation and each of the weapon station of that bird. then add the f-16 to the koreanwar_data.ini(for example). hope that works for you
  16. i play woe on my laptop the specs are not that good but it works for me. i have to set the graphic settings to low though. i think you should have at least 1.8ghz, 512 ram, and 128mb video card
  17. yeah rockeyes are more powerful coz it can destroy buildings

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