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  1. F/A-18F

  2. Hah, silly me. I looked into it more and found the problem. Because there were no objects from the vanilla game as part of the install process, the game was trying to find aircraft that weren't there. Simply going into the other Strike Fighters 2 folders and finding the folders to copy over fixed the problem. Now to see if that breed any new ones.
  3. So I recently loaded the game up on my PC again for the first time in a few years. I downloaded the newest nato-fighters, installed it. After a few attempts I've gotten everything working, all the aircraft are show, as are the campaigns. The problem I'm having now is just a little strange, and I don't know where to begin looking to fix it. Attempting to even display the information on a couple campaigns in the menu screen crashes the game. In particular the Lebonon War campaign and the Yom Kipper War campaign. Just kind of a wierd problem, I'm assuming the game cannot find the files needed, so I'm curious how to get it to look in the right place. I've tried loading them with SF2I and they load up just fine. Any ideas?
  4. Well, at least they should be working, last time I saw them they were draining the oil.
  5. Down here in San Diego we have a working P-40, 51 and spit in the airspace museum. Its to bad they haven't been fired up in a while.
  6. well! that helped. I didn't think it was that popular of a topic. got the carrier working, I had to manually goof with some stuff but its workin now thx for the help mig.
  7. Everything is in the right position, if I had an other mission that worked and used that carrier I would know for sure. Bah, oh well.
  8. Sorry to ask for so much help as of late. I'm trying to get some carrier ops to work the problem is that the carrier won't spawn and I plop promptly in to the water. I'm running Woe and I have no idea whats up. I left a comment on the forum for The dragon and there have been no replies.
  9. F-111 cockpit

    THERE IT GOES! OK cool, weird it wasn't working yesterday.
  10. COD 6 Confirmed! Exclusive Info

    World at War was in development before COD 4 was release, look at the bright side, it's the pacific theater. There have been NO good games baced on the pacific.
  11. F-22 RWR

    XD, its kinda nice to see stuff around you I'm a noob i have no idea when someones on my six. it gives me a better idea is all.
  12. F-111 cockpit

    Crap, the website is screwed up. the page that lets me download it cannot be displayed.
  13. F-22 RWR

    Alright, the point is that I have the RWR system now. Before nothing would show up at all.
  14. F-111 cockpit

    Darn, I gotta start reading those readmes. thanks for the help XD.

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