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  1. Tomcat wallpaper by Me.

    It's a F-14 Tomcat tribute wallpaper made by me, hope you enjoy it.
  2. set the HUD diffuculity, Radar, visual targeting on hard at the game options
  3. What do you fly?

    1. F-14D 2. F/A-18F 3. F-15E
  4. What's cooler than an F-14A Tomcat?

    -What's cooler than an F-14A Tomcat? -Two F-14A Tomcat.
  5. VF-111 Sundowners

    great job.
  6. img00051.jpg

    Top Gun feeling
  7. Target in sight.....

  8. Shot Down in Flames

  9. Wot's This?????

    i think its a F-22 Raptor.
  10. Dear Tomcat ace. I got the answer for your problem: 1.: open \Program Files\Wings Over Europe\Objects\Aircraft\F-14D folder. 2.: open the folder of the skin. 3.: then open decals.ini 4.: you see this: [Decalxxx] MeshName=xxx DecalLevel=xxx DecalFacing=xxx FilenameFormat=F-14a/VFxxx/D/x Position=xxxx Rotation=xxx Scale=xxx DecalMaxLOD=xxx 5.: change F-14a to F14d* in every lines *: or another variant of the aircraft thats it
  11. F-14D Tomcat

  12. F-14D Tomcat


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