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  1. Its a Glorious Day Comrades.....

    haha rofl! my girlfreind {who lives in moskow} told me yesterday that gas is like a 1.50 a gallon there{ i know its in liters i converted the price} so one could argue that things are a bit better than you would think, however........she is a drafter and makes around a hundred bucks a week so maby its not so good.
  2. Any fishermen, or ladies, here...?

    6' brown shark last year. right in the surf lol the tourist's were flippin there lids lol! it was in maby 4 feet of water. hatteras island is funny like that....
  3. dude you need to open port 21000. you can acess them tru your router. theres plenty of help on the net. im not to sure how to do it on a linksys
  4. oh guys im sorry i forgot to say it was il2! lol! but hey thanks for the replys . it doesnt seem much different then adding aircraft to fsx. thanks foxendown. sonic.
  5. how does one add a skin to the game im kinda new at this any help?
  6. man i love this game if your thinking of getting it do it!best money ever spent.

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