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  1. Not sure what your joystick/HOTAS set up is, but I was having the same problem. I have a MSFFB2 as well as an X52 pro throttle and Saitek rudder pedals. When I applied rudder on the pedals it would turn then re center after a second, I wondered was it conflicting with any other controller, I went into the controls page and deleted everything on the rudder axis on the rest of the controllers. It has worked a treat since.
  2. Very nice work, thankyou for this.
  3. What are the known issues with flying add on A/C in multiplayer? e.g. a vanilla copy or not. We tried to fly Craigs EF200 last night but coudln't access any weapons, offline there is no problem. Are there mods out there to enable the use of better pits in AI planes rather than the one generic pit. e.g. proper pits for the Migs.
  4. Many thanks that should get me started.
  5. Hi all, Bought this game last week and liking it a lot, been flying IL2 for a long time now and fancied a change. I'm trying to host a game for a few guys and wanted to know what the ins and outs of hosting a game are? Is a dogfight map possible or is it limited to CO-OP? Is there a sticky for this type of question, I have a few other questions that might be answered in a FAQ. Thanks in advance, p.s. nice site.

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