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  1. RIP Xbox 360

    Sorry to hear bout your box man.... that sux i just went through that not long ago...I also say get a new one then add me as a friend :) flyingchipmunk0
  2. jedi Knight

    jedi sith the only diffrence is the color of there lightsaber.......
  3. Phil Harris of Deadliest Catch DIes

    I belive he was the skipper of the Corniela Marie... may you have clear skies and good winds cap'n RIP
  4. Animal Rights Activists (SO FUNNY!)

    OMG too funney!!!!!! :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:
  5. Best Game of 2009

    Yeah I have to go with CoD MW2 as well.... Batman was awsome but single player and the coop missions kept me going till i could play on live... now the fun is just starting all over again lol :drinks: :drinks:
  6. In one week's time

    well at least your lawn will be green right?
  7. OMG WTF?

    Oh good god.... This is one of the reasons I don't go to movies much anymore!!!!! I really think an original thought and a breath of fresh air would really kill these people!!!!
  8. Finally...

    this kinda upsets me.... I think they should have gotten more time but oh well i guess
  9. Bourne 4

    wow its like CoDMW2 meets bourne meets blackhawk down... looks AWSOME!!!!!
  10. Iron Man 2 Trailer

    OH MAN out f***in standing!!!!!!!! can't wait!!!!
  11. Zombieland...

    Mmmmm... ok now I want a twinky..... LOL loved the movie!! and I LOVE metalica!!! but I still like you say what lol and its a movie m8
  12. Fail....Pics

    yeah it does... but still funney
  13. Fail....Pics

    sorry bout that lets try this one www.kdvr.com/news/kdvr-fail-photos-again-pg,0,1284382.photogallery ok lloks like the only way to get it to work is copy this into your browser... sorry guys don't know why its doing this

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