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  1. Hi folks! I would like to ask what settings I need to edit (and what set them to) in campaign data file in order to create an "eternal" war, ie. the war that keeps going and going without any side gaining an upper hand, here's an unedited bits of campaign_DATA from NATO Fighters mod, with I want to mod. I think these settings are revelant to what I want to do, it there is something else please tell me. [CampaignData] StartDate=10/19/1986 StartTime=2:00 StartDateDeviation=0 EndDate=12/24/1986 ForceWithInitiative=2 SurpriseAttack=FALSE MaxMissions=45 NormalMissionRate=1 NormalMissionRateDeviation=1 OffensiveMissionRate=1 OffensiveMissionRateDeviation=0 FORCE 1 StartGroundOffensive=8 StartInterdiction=0 Morale=80 Supply=40 NormalSupplyRate=28 OffensiveSupplyRate=-10 DefensiveSupplyRate=-3 SupplyForOffensive=70 AircraftReplacementTime=15 AircraftReplacement=30 GroundUnitReplacementTime=15 GroundUnitReplacement=100 RandomTransportType=ANY WeaponResupplyTime=7 StartAirDefenseLevel=3 AllowRandomAceCreation=TRUE FORCE 2 StartGroundOffensive=0 StartInterdiction=0 Morale=100 Supply=100 NormalSupplyRate=24 OffensiveSupplyRate=-8 DefensiveSupplyRate=-3 SupplyForOffensive=50 AircraftReplacementTime=30 AircraftReplacement=30 GroundUnitReplacementTime=30 GroundUnitReplacement=100 RandomTransportType=ANY WeaponResupplyTime=15 StartAirDefenseLevel=3 AllowRandomAceCreation=TRUE Im using campaign customizer in order to set myself a mercenary squadron, its very fun.
  2. Good, do this Jes, Im not sure how thrust vectoring nozzles should be coded so the have to be left like normal ones for now. Can anyone help with INI?
  3. Good news everybody, FastCargo allowed us to use his INI file. Well i90, this cind of stuff is at pretty much every component. Man this INI files are complicated..... hmmm....does anyone knows somebody who knows how to properly edit this stuff?
  4. Ok we discussed few things with Jes. Right now we have to properly name model groups so they can be coded right into INI file. I just asked FastCargo for permission to use INI files from his F-15 ACTVIE, if he agrees well have a lot easier job. If someone spots a mistake or can give helpful comment we are all ears The following components will be in our plane (I looked at FastCArgo INI): -FUSELAGE- model name "Fuselage" -NOSE - model name "Nose", parrent "Fuselage" -LEFTWING - model name "Left_Wing", parrent "Fuselage" -RIGHTWING - model name "Right_Wing", parrent "Fuselage" -LeftCanard - modelname "LeftCanard", parent "Fuselage" -RightCanard - modelname "RightCanard", parent "Fuselage" -RightVertTail - model name "Right_VTail" parrent "Fuselage" -LeftVertTail - model name "Left_VTail" Parrent "Fuselage" This are parts Im sure what are they, but there are some that I dont fully understand: "LeftStab" and "RightStab" - I think they are stabilizers, am I right? "RightOuterWing" and "LeftOuterWing" - what part of wings they are? Besides in every component entry there is lots of stuff that is complete Voodo Dark Magic for me, like this (taken From ACTIVE INI): ANy idea what this stuff is?
  5. DAMN I should kick my ass for not dropping here from time to time. f***ing short attention span........ Anyway, Jes I presume that Tac is ok and we can go back to work. Im sorry but I didnt get much from ini just some basic stuf, I guess that we have to learn other thing hard way. First and most important is to properly name model groups, this is most important pretty everything else can be changed in INI. And small request to everyone that are interested in seeing this project compleated, please drop messages here often so I wont wonder away again, k?
  6. Thanks, all help is appreciated. Now plaese help me set basic performance for XF-15T, my propositions would be; Max speed -2,300 km/h max attitude - 25000 m max speed at sea level - 1,500 km/h Of course plane will roll and change pitch much faster then normal F-15 thanks to canards and thrust vectroing, also stall speed will be lower as bigger wings will generate more lift in slow flight. I dont know what is the corner speed (I just couldnt get when reading tutorial), any help here?
  7. Thats pretty bad news Jes, I hope that Tac is Ok. As for INI, Im continuing to crack it. As for now I can say that both nozzles can be set to move independently, dunno if 3D thrust vectoring is possible, but they can be set so they move when you change pitch. It goes so slow since not everything is explained in tutorials. And well.............I got REALLY distracted, sorry guys (damn short attention span), but I learned basic model texturing and of course further improved my skills with Milkshape (but just a little) FastCargo, can I use your F-15D ACTIVE Ini file as base for F-15T? And my question: does this lines apply to player as well?
  8. Hello everybody sorry for long absence. My damn PC went down along with my WoE install so Im forced to start from scratch. However all files related to TAC (sketches etc) are safe. I had serious matter to distract me, but everything turned out ok. This gave me little breather and renovated my enthusiasm for this project. Remember everybody that currently were in very hard phase of creating a plane, editing INI file is hard work since I dont have experience working with them (on good side next time will be easier). So see ya for now, going back to work.
  9. Currently Im experimenting with INI files, you know reading tuts and checking what do what. Things go slowly right now since I have few more important matters to look after, but fear not, I will put basic performance maybe sometime this week. While playing around with Gmod for Half-life 2 I found AMRAAM's. After short work I put them in way that they will be inside TAC pack. After that I put AMRAAMs to show basic outline of TACTICAL (on right side there is human and on left hummer) although big it still have rational proportions. Note that its only quick mashup to help visualise TACTICAL. BTW: TACTICAL Pack is also capable of transporting 16 Mk-82 bombs. oh and I think I need to recalculate TACTICAL size and make tails section bit smaller.
  10. Yes, with TAC pack tactical is really juicy target, at first it was equipped with lots of decoys and ECM, but it wasnt enough (mainly due to slow speed with TAC pack). To counter this production model Type S "Gespenst" was equipped with new Active Radar Camouflage System and its nozzles were changed in order to decrease heat signature. On the other side F-15T TACTICAL without TAC pack is surprisingly nimble thanks to canards, vector thrusting and large steering surface, also free from TAC pack immense weight TACTICAL can achieve great speeds thanks to powerful twin M0811 engines (they were designed to give TACTICAL sensible speed with TAC pack so without it they really show what they can do)
  11. Well, it basically goes like this: "It started with XF-15T - project that was supposed to greatly improve F-15 performance. It succeeded doing this so engineers form Waleraz Research Institute went with their motto "Big is beautiful". They wished to test few new ideas, such as TAC pack, so they took XF-15T and started to modify it until they created F-15T TACTICAL (they still dont know how exactly that happened). Peter Kent Johnson, who was test pilot at WRI questioned that new prototype is still F-15, but since nobody cared about that (also project staff was exhausted from tiring to get this monster to fly) the name remained as F-15T TACTICAL." I hope this satisfy you. I dont like idea of changing name at this stage of project and I actually like it.
  12. No need to get all fired up, Im sure that Mynameizme didint mean anything wrong and it was just good natured bickering. BUT IF NOT! It doez not matter az I vill continue vorking on my diabolical dezign, to bring most unbalanced airkraft to ze skiez of WoE and start my reign of aerial destruktion!! MAUAHAHA!!!
  13. BUAHAHAHA! Soon my loyal underling vill compleate my deviuz mashine. Zis vill be moment vhen I vill rule ze vorld! BUAHAHAHA!!!!
  14. OK everybody Im after my last exams (with went pretty good) Im free to go back to working on this project. I just made calculations for both XF-15T and TAC measurements and during that I was completely astonished that planes are so damn BIG. I took normal F-15E measurements: span: 13,05 meters length: 19,4 m height: 5,63m (is this is measured from middle of fuselage, top of canopy or top of vertical stabilizer?) and took length of AMRAAM (only thing I didnt resized) with is 3.66m. After that I had to learn how to use measure in photoshop, then do calculations for both planes and heres what I got: XF-15T: length: normal F-15 length of 19,4m plus 1,92m ("antenna" in the front, what its proper name?) makes it 21,32m total length wingspan: 15,8m (5,84m for one wing) rest stays as in normal F-15 canards: angle is 19.5 lenght: 2,61M size:: 2,42M F-15T TACTICAL: Here I was dumbfounded because of its shear size length: 25,44 (27,06m with antenna) wingspan: 20,83m, 6,84m for one wing height (from top of vertical stabilizer to ground): 9,40m gear height: 3,75m (pilot should watch out when exiting cockpit ) fuselage span: 7,13m tail section span: 13,9m (more then WHOLE F-15!) TAC Pack: length: 12,5m (more them my whole HOUSE with have about 11m) size: 2,31m (one pack), 5,46m for both spaced packs height: 2,09m I think my calculation are correct, also compared to normal sizes they seem good. -------------------------- With that over we need to set basic performance for both planes, here I need feedback since Im not specialist. But should it be so big?
  15. Again, masterwork Jes. Landing gear is big I know but I made it as short as it could be. When I was doing this sketches I found myself thinking "Man this motherf***er is BIG!" As for INI: this weekend I have last two finals so I need to study but after that Ill get back to INI ASAP. And remember Jes you are the one who makes model, if you find that something looks particarly ugly feel free to change it. My (rough) sketches leave room for your own initiative (I was even surprised that there is so much place for gear). And its hard to show you how do I imagine intakes (to be honest I dont see them to clearly in my vision), when I find some time Ill put bottom sketch, maybe this will help you.

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