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  1. Koushiro was doing one for awhile, but then the thread got locked and he got banned, along with SchizophrenicMC, who wrote a story for it, along with Taro8, who's still here, working on his F-15 TACTICAL, rooted somehow in that mod. No clue as to the rest of everyone, only that I think FastCargo was there. In fact, I'm pretty sure the thread was hard deleted.
  2. Isn't it just a big piece of sheet metal with a pipe running into it? I'm going to reconsider the purpose of the US Navy; whether or not it was actually designed to bleed money.
  3. Now F-35 is in a bit of trouble

    Well, that's amazing. We've now got no interceptor aircraft worth a damn, and our replacements for our nearly-40-year-old F-15s are being backlogged even further. Not to mention, LM's gonna lose a good bit of money. Loss of money means loss of jobs. Seems, lately, that's all the government's been doing with its money: destroying jobs. GM, various banks, now LM. It's really hurting my city's economy, considering we have a GM plant, a LM plant, and Six Flags as major sources of income. Oh, America, how thou hast failed me.
  4. Seriously, Luke! You got anything for us?
  5. Yeah, me too, except I don't have Wings Over...
  6. Does sound like a good idea, but if the canopy is too big, (And it shouldn't be, if you've scaled it all right) it would be unrealistic to have it unsupported.
  7. Good to see the F-15T is shaping up. It got me back to thinking of a Heavy Tomcat I'd thought up some time ago. The F-14H Fatcat, kind of a parallel to this.
  8. Luke, you've lost it. That... Is not an F-15. You've made the Tac packs WAY too big. As of now, I refuse to associate myself with this butchery of the Eagle. >_> Good day, sir!
  9. PKF gets a logo! More and more AC:KoF References everyday! While it's obviously unrealistic, one must strive to make it as realistic as possible. While there are no transforming planes, they're not Transformers. They make sense, in that everything has a place, everything moves from that place, and everything stays the same size. Giant robots that transform into planes isn't realistic. However, it's realistic for what it is. If the gear are too far rearward, not only will it be even harder to land (Try landing a plane with the landing gear too far from the CG), but it will be on a very thin area of the wing, where it's completely unrealistic, and it there was a physics model, it'd snap.
  10. The F-15's airframe is too small for all of this stuff. It can't hold together under as much strain as the weight of a tac-pack, missiles, and the new landing gear system would put on it in combat. If it were bigger, say slightly larger than an F-14, you'd see much different performance, as well as more space to fit all of these modifications. And remember that if your gear is to far to the rear, it will push on a weaker and thinner area of the wing. It can't be right there next to the nacelle, as it would snag on the tac-pack. Therefore, moving it as far back as you have will put it on the aileron. I don't have to tell you why this wouldn't work, as it's rather obvious...
  11. No! Not the Hind! :P Came... From... BeHind! lol
  12. Dude, SDF-1. Hmm... The problem with the F-15 is that the nose gear would be too long for the gear bay. We're so focused on the Main gear, we've forgotten the nose gear. This is my plan of action: Move the nose gear up, lengthen the bay towards the rear, freeing up room for them. I don't think there's too many important components mounted below the nose... As for the main gear, see the attached picture. So... Is the TACTICAL gonna have under(or over :P)wing pylons for missiles? I think this is gonna have to be bigger than a normal F-15... This stuff isn't gonna fit on the airframe; it's too light. The landing gear is just another idea...
  13. Hello, Luke! I see you started a thread about the Tactical in my stead? Well, I'm glad to see that... I need modelling experience. If I had any, I could help...

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