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  1. Oh, I thought you mean planes missed in the original versions of "Wings over...". Little misunderstanding... I'm already flyin' the Tornado - AddOn ;-)
  2. Airshow Pics

    awesome photos! Thanks for this link, the next two hours are planned
  3. No Rockets...

  4. Old thread but interesting topic... I prefer the Eurofighter Typhoon. It is a beautiful plane (I love the Deltawings) with perfekt flying abilitys (quoting the real pilots). Instead of the F-22 the Typhoon can carry lots of weapons an reach longer distances without refuelling an ist much cheaper, so you can hunt one F-22 with two Typhoons... Cold War: The F-4 PhantomII is a nice plane. It can carry a lot of weapons and the quality is very high. Why do I think this? Because this plane is in action until today.

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