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  1. THIS SITE IS A MUST FOR MODEL MAKERS WW2 TO MODERN DAY http://hyperscale.com/gallery.htm an example of what can be found here
  2. The Person Below Me

    True more than once but i learned how to duck the person below me is a sugar daddy
  3. What a pilot...

    It's a complete farse it was done for advertising look closer you will see a different shade of blue around the aircraft where its been doctored
  4. The Person Below Me

    FALSE !!!! she reminds me of a toilet seat the Person below me watches the Gummy Bears and has there theme song as there phone ringtone
  5. R.I.P. Col. John Ripley

  6. BLUE ANGELS down 1 plane

    I don't know much about USAF rules and regs but i supose its simular to a teacher and young student or doctor patient relationship both very much a no no .Teacher would lose his job and mabye prison depending on the age of the student and the Dr would possibly stuck off
  7. The Person Below Me

    true was messing with an old petrol lighter burnt me hands the peson below me drinks his beer from a baby's bottle
  8. Brilliant just bloody great cant wait, i have Trumpeters superb 1/72 scale model of the Wyvern must get there 1/48 scale one to
  9. The Person Below Me

    Untrue E.E Lightning mabye, Voodoo mmmmmmmmmm thats the one the person below me has a 57 Chevy on his drive
  10. The Person Below Me

    true honey like to join me sweetheart we could have such FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN the person below me likes to sit on Santa's knee
  11. The Person Below Me

    TRUE but by god what a good looking woman just oooozzes sex mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the person below me once had a date with a grizly bear
  12. More German Casulties

  13. The Person Below Me

    False it was Biggles don't you know the person below me likes Marmite on toast
  14. also try airliners.net type in voodoo theres loads of pics there

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