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  1. Jug Has Passed Away

    I've been Away from here for a while. I come back to this sad news. RIP Jug
  2. Transferring to console

    Hey guys, currently I am thinking of switching to a console (I know its late) because my computer does not have the specs to play the latest games and it would cost too much to get another computer (whole thing + larger monitor). I am thinking of transferring to PS3 (with the 360 still in mind) and a 20-24 in (under $200) computer monitor. Does anyone have any suggestions or know how to, and whats needed, to hook the PS3 (or 360) to a PC monitor. Thanks.
  3. I think some of the F-18 aircraft are also divided into blocks, mostly minor changes that dont require a new variant.
  4. Heres an idea, can we put a fake "maverick sensor" in the pilot position and count the entire screen as a display. that way it might be able to have NV out of the pit, but im not sure about inside. I have used excess mavericks as night vision to land an A-6 before, so it might work
  5. Hey i know that this may be a little late in the process, but a 1-piece canopy may be a good idea (like F-16, F-22)
  6. pilots shoud carry bullpups (SA80, Tavor) or PDWs (P90, MP-7) in pit or survival pack. they're small and can be used for def and hunting for food.
  7. PS3 vs XBOX 360

    If you saw one of the onions news reports, all sony's are pieces of SH!T
  8. F-35 Demon Helmet

    yes i realize that, but you cant blame me too much, its not my fault they made it look like its out of some anime. and i was talking about paint and coloring over design, such as having a white helmet with blue tinted visor, or red helm and the standard black tint.
  9. F-35 Demon Helmet

    Cool, now we just need the custom designs
  10. F-35 Demon Helmet

    aside from the tech, they should have different styles that a pilot can choose from to suit thier preference, heck even have custom ones. only criticism is that im pretty sure that it can be turned on and off, but it should have a trasparent view that outlines objects in view and through the floor so you still have orientation of yourself and your plane while having the 360 view
  11. Israel remembers her fallen Men and Women

    Chazack Chazack V'nit Chazeck :Salute:
  12. RIP Ed

    SALUTE! :Salute:

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