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  1. Polish Viggen

  2. I don't need tutorials for creating the plane itself, but how to get the plane into the game. How do I make the landinggear including animations, and how do I make them happen in the game? How do I make the rudders 'n stuff work? That stuff just isn't there.
  3. Like I said before: does anyone know a tutorial on how to make planes?
  4. I'd also like a tutorial on how to actually get the damn thing in the game. There's nothing in the knowlege base! By the way, third day's work: As you can see, the tail's come off and fangs have come on.
  5. The campaigns really don't feel engaging. In WOE you just keep bombing runways the entire campaign, apart from 10% which are intercept or patrol missions. I'd also like the terrain editor to be much simplified, and give much more graphical feedback. I want to directly on the map be able to see it say "Stockholm", and I don't want to need to convert files. I'd love the ability to create maps using Google Earth or similar. Or at least the ability to like in Age of Empires "paint" the ground with a cartain type of texture, rather than typing coordinates, or klicking a tile for a certain texture to appear.
  6. I'm thinking whether I should make this a tailless design, if you understand what I mean. And yes, I'm having thoughts about making the angles match, but that might appear on the AJS40B Gimme all yo thoughts!
  7. What kind of missions will you be able to fly with this? As far as I know, there aren't any Fly from A to B- missions. Maybe you'll be able to drop food onto "friendly" territory:
  8. Really cool. I however would like to see this plane a bit more slender.
  9. Hi. A couple of years ago I researched the missing numbers in the Swedish designations: fpl36 and fpl38. As it turns out, fpl38 had the project name B3LA, and was canceled by the Swedish armed forces, and then when Saab started to cooperate with some other company, it became the AMX. Fpl36 however was supposed to Sweden's atomic bomber. This single seater Mach 2 plane was supposed to be able to carry nuclear warheads to Moscow, or two missiles whoch sould be shot straight down. Quite impressive for a project canned in the early 1960's. I wonder if anyone has interrest in making this plane for WOE.
  10. Here's the lowdown of my second days work: This image shows how close to the Gripen the plane actually is. It also shows how slender this aircraft actually is. The funny thing is that today I've made the plane a fair bit more smooth, so unlike the F-14 the body doesen't curve that much arround the engines.
  11. Cool scetch, although not at all what I've been thinking of. Your aircraft seems very small, and the wings are quite thin. But nontheless, it seems more stealthy than my plane. By the way, I've been writing on a background story:
  12. Send a PM to him, or email him if you can find the adress.
  13. If anyone hasn't realised it yet, my favourite aircraft of all time is the J35 Draken. For some time I've been thinking of what a modern Double Delta winged aircraft would be like. The thoughts started more seriously while I was dreaming about a game taking place in the future, where the PRC has conquered Russia and is attacking Sweden. Events which undoubtedy would result in an increase in investments in the Swedish armed forces. The thought was from the beginning a stealthy version of the older Draken. I began studying video game development, and soon several friends and I started creating a mod for Half Life 2, first called Lionhearts: The last Stand, then renamed to Somewhere in Sweden. This was circa 2007-early 2008. Unfortunately, the mod got canceled (although if you have Day of Defeat: Source, you can try out a converted version of one of the areas. It's called Swedenmap, and is available at FPSbanana). The first concept image was this: Then, last year I made a revised version based on the F-22, still double delta though: This week I decided to look a bit closer into the subject, so I created a new concept: Said and done, today I sat down and started to model the plane. The results after the first day are as follows: I can't promise anything regarding progress, but I'm hoping to have it air worthy by summer. The idea is that this aircraft should be Swedens main interceptor and strike aircraft, while the Gripen would be the main fighter and close air support aircraft. The plane will have stealth capabilities, top speed of circa 3000 km/h and a larger payload than any Swedish aircraft. Just like the planned J35 MOD, it's going to have foldable canards and perhaps "fangs".

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