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  1. Can't evade radar and heat-seeking missiles

    Thx 4 replaying .... by the way i use enchnced padlocking so i can padlock into launched missiles and bandits .... i try not make abreak turn too early or too late and see how its going .... thx again have anice fly ..... Greetings to you
  2. Hello everybody sometimes playing dogfight F16 block 52 vs typoon , F18C , F14 (F14 have AIM-54 Phoenix missile which is very good in my opinion) .... make distance like 50nm and loaded with ECM .... use my RWS or TWS radar and lock on the bandit and fire amissile ( AIM 120C) .... at same time the bandit fire amissile too .... the problem is about eveading those missile .... all i do drop chaffs and make tight turn into the ground , nearly 50 feet above the ground make turn right and left trying make the missile 3 or 9 clock sometimes evade it and sometimes hit me while evading .... with heat seaking missile drop flares and maneuver same Tactic , sometimes succes and sometimes not ..... i tried watch how radar missle work .... whatever i did he swear to hit me :) no way to escape ... i think evading surface to air missiles is much easier ...... as i said is the problem in my tactics ???? sry for long topic and bad english :) see you guys and have anice and safe flight thank you all
  3. Patch 1.0.13 installing problem

    Without patch the game have no error , when install patch 1.013 , it stops in 50% of installing and error massage appear say (can't find file data/stamp) , now i try install game and do update from bfopsupdate.exe .
  4. Patch 1.0.13 installing problem

    I bought the game from gamestore in my Country Egypt , about the patch i have full install 1.013 , by the way the game was working well and its my first time see these error>
  5. HI Everybody I have Falcon4.0 Allied Force game , it was working well all the time , in aday i installed new windows xp 32bit service pack3 ( always use these version of xp) and installed falcon 4.0 game and patch 1.0.13 aproblem appeared (Error can't find time/stamp) , these problem happen while installing in any drive C.D.E.F, so whats wrong ??
  6. thx all very much for help realy thx see u in Dog Fight ^^
  7. Hi every body i would like knew when i can use rudders while doing maneuvers ??? thank u all
  8. while i was playing lock on i had questions but until now dont have answer its about TEWS in US aircrafts all of us knew that it detect rader locks on your aircrafts form other bogis but when missile launch ( rader missile and infrared missiles ) is TEWS detect them in DEWS screen and show me derctions of missiles ? and rader missiles from air defnce units what about it too ? thx all
  9. looking for WOV squardon

    Hi all i cant say i am professional in both woi or wov but i am not bad too , i played many times online Dog Fight and i try learn from my mistakes and do my best so i am look forward be in squrdan and learn more taticals thx all
  10. HI guys i have both woi and wov game , i prefer wov with old aircrafts :D i am looking for squardon for wov so if anyone search for players just pm me thx all
  11. Hi all when i downloaded falcone game i see that its very good simulation game . but it need real pilot to knew how play it . i try read manual but i failed to understand it so if anyone have manual with pics or video links it will be good to understand the game thx all
  12. HI Every body first i want thank all moderates and members who make these website the best web for Air Combat by sharing ideas and teach us many and many about these field . while i was watching those videos i thought that i msust show you . one of them aboout how hunter become hunted { anew tactics not like Tom Cruise Movie in top gun } u will like it . the last video about desert storm dog fights here is links : how hunter become hunted desert storm dog fights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZmnVqkKapI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5AbpZ3tcLg...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgQHS2hsx84...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44oaapoAqPU...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw6lF-i6aGM...feature=related i hope u like it guys and i have godo idea anyone have good video about dog fights it will be good if u share it to make all members and beginners see and learn Thanks all .
  13. thx all for answer my questions :) good hunt ^^
  14. Hi everybody my problem in sparrow missles . i prefer playing WOI which is the best simulator for modern air combat { thats what i think :D } the problem is that when enemy be in 10 Mile i first use 1 or 2 sparrow then begin usual in my short air combat tatical . my radar get enemy bandit then time to shoot . here is surprise ,sparrow missle sometimes dont launch towards to enemy bandits and sometimes launch towards enemy and exploite before hit targets so i just ask about whats the best advices to launch medium missles ? another asking plz i dont knew many dog fight moves so if anyone can tell me web teach me more about dog fight taticals thanx all

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