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  1. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    ... ok one more found "Gruesse von Manfred"
  2. SHADOWS in FE1918

    Any IDEA how to set other weather for multiplayer? There is every time SCATTERED i think, without clouds i want for multiplayer BROKEN or other, but when i overwrite in Options.ini line for wheater, then nothing happend, weather same heeelp
  3. SHADOWS in FE1918

    THX Tailspin! Now understand i, why the sound not there THX! Problem solved
  4. SHADOWS in FE1918

    My english is not very good, i know, so ... thx for idea, but i dont need throttle for rotary engine, i need other SOUND for that engine, when the engine is OFF, because when OFF, then no SOUND by me (only windloop sound) - try this and say, if you have engine sound by idle running (power 0%) by rotary engine? By me = no sound :/ THX again
  5. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    ... and last for this week here ...
  6. FE HDR Beta .99

    By me same as by A6Intruder
  7. SHADOWS in FE1918

    Hi FE community! I search for tweek ... need to set in Options panel SHADOWS between HIGH (shadows rendered on all objects) and MIDDLE (shadows rendered only on planes externals) ... so, i dont need shadows on ground objects etc. (because LOW performance from PC) but i want shadows in cockpit when i use MIDDLE shadows ... can anyone help me? is that tweek possible? THX1 2nd: Any idea, how can i ad new SOUND for rotary engine? (napr.: Fokker Dr.1, Sopwith Camel etc.) When i switch OFF magneto by rotary engine, then i missing SOUND from IDLE engine = THX2 :) Adler (I.Gruppe/Jagdgeschwader1 - http://www.jg1.sk/forum/ - SK and CZ )
  8. DF Server Settings and more ...

    Mein Gott, spielt das niemand online, oder was
  9. DF Server Settings and more ...

    I cleared the soundmod, but that problem with settings stays = HEEEELP !!!
  10. Hi all, i am new in FE1918. I fly the game with 3 my frends online but i have problems make settings for online DF and COOP. I need this settings for server: 1. disable external views 2. disable crossheir view without cockpit 3. set weather to BROKEN Can any help me ??? I try overwrite lines in Options.ini bu all stay same after starting server :( P.S.: - Have any this SOUNDMOD ??? Where can i download it ??? THX for any link or help !!! Adler

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