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  1. Cant drop Flares

    IIRC you have to select LIST on the ICP and a number of options is shown on the DED. Select EWS and there you can programme your counter measures programmes.Usually you can switch your EWS programme on the EWS panel, located on the left side console in front of the throttle.
  2. Free Falcon 5 Aircraft in Allied Force

    The short answer is no. FF5 uses a different format for the 3-D models and the skins correspond to the 3-D model, unless the 3-D models are identical you won't be able to use the skins either, for some aircraft it works however. But you have to convert the dds files into 8 bit BMP files and use LOD Editor to get them in. It's a pity that F4AF is so unmodable.
  3. Hi Pete, thanks for your reply I have installed the latest file on top of the FEB 0410 install and it works now, I have to install the skin pack yet. I've also browsed through the various lua files and identified some development potential. I think it's possible to add the Typhoon as a separate aircraft, rather than replacing the F-15 and some modifications appear to be possible as well, such as assigning a correct gun and gun ammo, tweaking the FM among other details. If I have the time I'll look at these things more closely and if I'm able to make some progress I let you guys know.
  4. Does this latest release require the Feb2010 pack to be installed? I notice that the original pack is much larger than the more recent ones. Tried the 1.12 fix, but the cockpit doesn't work for me all the exterior 3-D model parts are misplaced. :(
  5. Neuer Eurofighter!

    Danke Soulfreak, habs gefunden. Sieht ja alles ganz gut aus soweit. Bin mir aber unschlüssig, ob ich mir deswegen SF2 zulegen sollte. Hab mir ja schon WOE primär wegen des ersten Addons zugelegt und bisher auch noch nicht soviel von gehabt. Hab in der Zwischenzeit ein wenig am Flugzeug gebastelt und mir eine separate Luftwaffenversion erstellt, mit einigen Avionikmodifikationen und realistischeren Bewaffnungsoptionen. In der Kampagne läufts ganz gut, hab da testweise erstmal eine vorhandene Kampagne genommen und modifiziert. Vielleicht ist es ja möglich die Skins und das 3-D Model für WOE1 zu übernehmen. Mal schauen wenn es soweit ist.
  6. Neuer Eurofighter!

    Sieht ja echt gut aus, gibts dazu auch einen speziellen Thread? Konnte nirgends was finden.
  7. Have you tried to set FM difficulty to normal for flying the Typhoon? I started off with the hard settings, but normal appears to work a little bit better for this aircraft and given its advanced flight controls it shouldn't be more unrealistic.
  8. It's obviously an EO system. Possibly MAWS or some kind of SA IRST.
  9. I'm flying the Eurofighter in WOE with 10/2008 patch. I have lowered the max visible distance and will check it out again.
  10. Well in the campaign my #2 never engages any aerial targets, I'm currently flying AA only. It doesn't matter what the situation is he never launches a single missile or uses his gun, he simply won't do anything except for flying in formation with me and brabbling some stuff. He even says "can't comply" when I order him to switch off radar. I have seen him sometimes engaging targets in "single mission", but that's rare. It is possible to adjust the "visible distance" in the aircraft's data.ini to increase actual engagement range for AI and allows for the use of BVR missiles. As said #3 & #4 do so quite well, #2 doesn't.
  11. I'm currently flying my 1st campaign and started enjoying the game after investing most of the time in studying and modding. The problem I have now is that my wingman (number 2) don't do anything at all. If I command him "attack" my target he says "can't comply" regardless of target range. He is never firing anything at all. "Cover my back" is confirmed, but again my wingman does nothing, which actually costed me a virtual live the last time. Interestingly number 3 & 4 are happily engaging air threats if I order them to do so. So my question is, is the dumb number 2 a bug or could it be owed to the settings/aircraft dat-file mods?
  12. Wrench, you are the man. I had put them into the weapons folder :suicide2:. Works now. Thank you very much!!!
  13. Thanks, but it still doesn't work. Maybe there is something wrong with the aircraft itself? I checked the internalgun data entries and they seem to be ok (compared it to an aircraft where the guns work). Are there any other gun related entries except for the AC_data.ini?
  14. Hi guys, I'm desperately trying to get the gun working for the Typhoon. I use WOE 1 with the 20/2008 patch. I added the gun data for the 27MM_BK27 to the gundata.ini, opened it with the gun editor double clicked its entry, ok and then save. The guns doesn't work however, I even tried to just create a new gun and it doesn't work. Am I missing something? Is the GunEditor_110504 compatible with that version anyway? Haven't found an answered that helped after browsing the forum and internet in general and tried out everything I found. Still no luck.
  15. EF 2000 skin

    Ich nutze WOE mit 10/2008 Patch. Danke für den Link, werde ich dann mal ausprobieren.

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