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  1. Trackir-6?"

    The TrackIR 5 itself is more accurate, than the TrackIR 4. http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/02-products/trackir-product-comparison.html Regardless of using either the TrackIR 4, or the 5, background IR light (sunlight, incandecent bulbs, etc.) can cause tracking issues, as IR light is IR light to the cameras. The TrackIR 5 software is a little better at only tracking moving objects, so that can help out as well. When using the 5, and you had extra IR issues, did you try adjusting the light filtering option, in the advanced settings -> camera tab?
  2. Trackir-6?"

    I am not aware that the TrackIR 6 is in development
  3. Taken the plunge

    In general the TrackIR 4 is still a good camera, and works great (one reason we still manufacture, and sell them), but the camera itself was designed over 4 years ago, and the imager technology has benn updateed since then, so we updated the TrackIR as well. Our comparision page can be found here - http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/02-products/trackir-product-comparison.html
  4. Track Ir problem

    What OS are you running? What version of the TrackIR software are you using?
  5. If you have a good video you would like posted, you can email it to me support @ naturalpoint.com, and I can foward it on to the TrackIR team from there.
  6. Latest video card drivers. The white out section indicates that the software is having an issue drawing OPenGL, as those windows use OpenGL.
  7. You could try it, but the software is just not designed yet to see the TrackIR 3 hardware. I'll do my best to make it happen. I wanted it supported with the release of the 5.0 software, but there where some issues with the Vector expansion support.
  8. Unfortunately the mouse emulation application is only designed to be used within an application that is using the the DirectX input, so it will not work on the system desktop
  9. Track IR Beta or regular software?

    I'm sure Seth didn't try and "blow" you off, but unfortunately it can be difficult to track down an issue, when we are unable to reproduce it.
  10. What version of the TrackIR software are you using? So in the upper games list, there is no listing for First Eagles, WOE, Strik Fighters?

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