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  1. Auch! Looks like i crashed and burned! ^^ Sorry didnt know about that but im still pretty new to this.
  2. I'm going out on a limb and suggest that you use the Bunyap weapons pack? Well it seams that Bunyaps weapons pack dosent work 100% with the new patch(atleast not in regards to the f15). I suggest that you try a mirage factor weapons pack.
  3. Against the mig17 if you've got some on your tail and cant shake them off then just go vertical. Provided you have roughly the same energy (i.e speed and altitude) the mig will always stall before the mirage. Then just get out of the climb and try manovering on their six. The mig will at this point try to make it a turning fight so dont let them. If you notice that you'll not be able to make the turn just level of, gain some speed and go vertical again. The mirage has a higher service ceiling too (althouh not by mutch) you'll get him eventually. Now there are some things to remember. Check your six to see where the migs are shooting, they tend to shoot at you while climbing and they just might get luck. Another risk is from sams as you wont have mutch speed to work with as you approach stall. Check your fuel too as you'll be doing all this on afterburner
  4. Well this is my first post here so hi everyone! I have a modding question of a sort and i hope someone might be able to help me. I've downloaded a sweet f-16 from mirage factory for my VOE game. The thing is that i preferred the original cockpit from VOI so i decided to change it. To my astonishment i actually succeded with it . Well sort of... The thing is that the little lcd weapon screen that tells you what and how many weapons you have on board, well it dosent work anymore. The letters and numbers are still there but they just dont make any sense. Does anyone have an idea how i can fix that?

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