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  1. Hi guys, I have a question, I currently have SF2:E and SF2:NA on my laptop. I wanted to play ODS on SF2. If I merge my SF2:E and SF2:NA, do I still download and install the March 2012 update for SF2:E to play ODS or will the SF2:NA install render the patch moot?
  2. Hi, I installed SF2:V and patched it to the Feb 2010 version sometime ago and and I am currently planning to install SF2:I. My question is, if you install SF2:I will the merge work?If yes, is the version a patched one or an older default version is applied? Also my SF2:V has mods installed in it. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. SAS trooper stabbed by a shoplifter...

    Wow.Tough luck
  4. Wooooooooooot! that's nice. wish there was a cockpit though.
  5. Weapons Pack 2.52 by the WO*/SFP1 Community

    Does this work on WoE patched Oct2008b?
  6. I just reinstalled and patched(Oct2008) WoE in my gaming laptop. I have installed Bunyap's weapon pack first then patched the game.The problem is the weapons don't show up. Any ideas?BTW I looked around at the KB but didn't find any answer to my question.
  7. Maybe after you do the Wyvern you could work next on the Morgan. I think somebody uploaded it here in CA.Though it was never finished. Anyway,that looks great!
  8. AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I gotta get me a new PC! The birds are looking great. Keep it up.
  9. Recon mission tactics

    When I'm flying the SR-71,my standard evasion technique is go full burner at low altitude. That way radars can't pick you up and probability of SAM's fired at you are low.No worries about AAA.There's little or none chance that they will hit you.
  10. Or a space shuttle. Veltro2k:two weeks?
  11. img00110.JPG

    what f-14 model is that? is A,B,C or D?
  12. I saw this at the MF website.It says BPAO has passed away.I was suprised really when I saw it.I can't believe it.And my condolences to his family. He will be missed. RIP sir.
  13. nice.but will this work on WoE non-patched version?

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