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  1. Resize to 107X127, save as BMP. Drop in Pilot Data folder.
  2. Halberstadt CLIV - Released

    Well done Laton!
  3. Has anyone vacationed in Branson, Mo?

    Go to Gatlinburg,TN and the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.
  4. Halberstadt CL.IV

    Thank you! Great job. J.I.M.P
  5. Funny you should ask! A Rafale, and an updated and functional F-16C Cockpit. Please.....
  6. "I went down to engage him..."

  7. My next project

    Good job quack! CL.II, CLII. !
  8. My next project

    Here ya go!
  9. Ordway, check out this webite! http://backfiretu-22m.tripod.com/index.html
  10. What is your porn star name?

    Hi I am "Boots Dexter", glad to meet you!
  11. My next project

    Huzzah! The Schlactflieger might finaly get their Halb. CLII!
  12. Guyran, I love these missions dude. Good job. Keep em coming!
  13. WIP - Ansaldo SVA5

    Looks great! Cant wait to fly it.Too bad it is not a Halberstadt CLII!
  14. Ever been anoyed at the fact that you can get a Purple Heart after getting shot down in 1918? Knowing the Purple Heart was not instituted until 1932, I replaced the Purple heart in my game with the Wound Chevron. But, I cannot get the Citation right it just shows up balnk. In addition to that on the debrief screen it refers to the Wound Chevron as "MEDAL_USAS_WC_NAME" instead of Wound Chevron. If anyone can get me pointed in the right direction to fix this I would love it. Also, I noticed the MOH in the game is the USAF MOH so I changed the pic to the 1904 Army MOH. I also changed the Citation Star picture because the picture of the Silver Star Medal was again not correct for 1918. If I can get this Wound Chevron thing sorted out I will share all my USAS award mods. James Cassell
  15. A real life, flying FE.2b!

    That was marvelous!!!
  16. Incorrect USAS awards in FE

    Anybody got any ideas?
  17. Halberstadt CL.II

    Would someone consider thinking about making this? If so, please do. By the way first post. Love First Eagles and it is this community that makes it as fun as it is. Thank you. James Cassell "CrazyhorseB34"

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