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  1. Red Alert - Vietnam

    there is a typo in the row 3. Copy and paste the campaign into your SF2I mod folder
  2. F-14 Afterburner mod

    uhm i want that sun ^^
  3. Mig-23UB Cockpit With Advanced Avionics

    that cockpit rules man... i'm tweakin it for SF2 :-P
  4. i really can't make it work... downloaded flogger pack, used those files, tried even the nele's avionics... but doesnt work... i see the hud but the cockpit point 90° left. im trying to fix it... dunno why.
  5. Mirage Factory Mig-29 (Soviet)

    This MiG29 is the BEST add-on aircraft, the BEST lookin aircraft i ever saw, the BEST plane i have ever used in WOE. Im creating a campaign in europe just to play this terrific damn state of art plane... the cockpit, hud, physics... u guys have just scored a shot in my heart. i love you all. Thanks Mirage for this... i absolutely love it.. i simply cant stop go hunting down eagles and tomcats...

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