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  1. and they got better clouds than we have in the stock version , can you believe it?
  2. had no experience with SFA never played it before , but you can pay to unlock jets if you don't want to pass missions in order to unlock them ( IOS version ) now after played first mission i gotta say its easy to destroy enemy ACs with guns
  3. me too , and theres a punch of fighters including f-14 f-16 and mig-25 and lots other but you have to pay $$ to unlock them
  4. strange , it's free and only 165 MBs and not yet rated downloading ...
  5. i actually bought most of DCS stuff including A-10 but im not playing it because my favorite planes are not there , infact i do play BMS more than DCS A-10 but when DCS get the F-15E & F-16C then i will switch to DCS , thats because DCS meets my needs in sim gaming like A2A refueling , slewing ... etc and also the eye candy and back on topic no TK will never implement any new feature from the ones we wanted and asked for long time before not in his upcoming EXP3 or even if he changed his mind and work on SF3 we had enough experience to understand what TK's target
  6. okay got it working by removing old option.ini files thanks everybody
  7. yes they do thanks cocas i will try
  8. snailman you didn't understand my issue , i already know all what've you said the problem is the game doesn't show my mods that i installed it on add-on folder in saved games folder ( windows 8 pro )
  9. no options.ini file in game directory , where is that file?
  10. yes i did run the game before i copied my backup to saved game folder , i even renamed thirdwire folder to something else and run the game a new folder generated so i copied my mods to the new folder generated by the game but theres no joy still the same problem the game doesn't show my mods only stock things and BTW i installed strike fighter on partion D
  11. installed strike fighters 2 ( SF2.E.V.I.N ) along with EXP1&2 and Compaign customizer and patched it to apr12 , copied my backup folder of Thirdwire to saved game folder ( windows 8 ) but now when i launch any of the titles i don't see my mods any clues?

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