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  1. AH! cheers bud, that did the trick, I felt it would be something like this, I just needed a little steering ive also learned (although I guess its obvious, I just never thought about it) that theyre actually date based too, so certain carriers/ yankee stations only show at certain dates.... I never really put too much thought into that but It makes perfect sense.
  2. Hi all Ive been a long time lurker, and have used the site extensively for files and help etc, but now I could really use some insight in to something if that's ok? im struggling to work it out myself. Id mainly been in to the NATO fighters expansion and flying mostly cold war era jets etc, however Inspired by Mr Devin Horner's fantastic Vietnam videos, I decided to give my own NAM install a go, which all went well and I have the Nam A/G EXP installed, updated with all necessary other files etc (VPAF, etc) and it all works fine, no problems at all. However, my issue arises when I want to have the improved carrier models, such as the cvn65 purchased from yap (the one he uses in his videos, crew on the deck etc) short of a (I assume....) cut and paste in to the ground objects folder, I don't really know what else I need to do to use the carrier, it doesn't show whenever I start a campaign, I still seem to be on the stock carrier, says 63 on the deck. is there a line somewhere I need to change in an ini to point it at the right folder? change something in campaign details? Im sorry for coming across as a dunce, any help would be appreciated and if ive not been clear enough I will certainly try and explain further if necessary. cheers

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