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  1. But I fly low, low like a humming bird, over the gracefull waters of the western sea, where there are no such things that can shoot at me. And awaaaaaaay i go to fly another day. 'cause I'm a pilot. That's what I do. And I do, what I do. - Where's B.A.? I'm sure he would like to fly with me. B.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  2. But I can fly over them, with a pack of my brethren protecting me from a 'hinder, and all across the great daaiiiisyyy plains of Rhod Island, storming through the Wild Blue Yonder. 'cause I'm a pilot, that's what i do. And i do what i do. Do you?
  3. Yes B.A. drink the milk :yes: You'll feel much better
  4. Sorry, B.A. needs some flying time... with his dear ol' buddy pal Murdoc. Ain't that right B.A.? He likes to kick ass when he's a bit cranky. Now, where are those sleeping pills.

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