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  1. The iconic P-51B Mustangs of Don Gentile (VF-T) and Johnny Godfrey (VF-P)
  2. MATS C-135A.....when color was mattered
  3. Yep Wrench...the last of the Scorpions.
  4. Pretty Cool... Required Screen...Old time patrol 2
  5. Awesome Recce Phantom..... Mandatory Pic...514th FS, SVAF, 1966
  6. From the A-Team Skunkworks files...an AD-5W Skyraider with new skin.
  7. Lead and wingman...Mig-cap over Korea
  8. Sabre with teeth...of the Turkish Air Force, circa 1974.
  9. Japanese Air Self Defense Force F-86F Sabre....
  10. Thanks to you all. Heck...that is pretty close. I think I can work with that. Again thanks, Pete
  11. Amarillo Font I have...I am looking for this type of font.
  12. Where can l find the font for 1950's USAF Sabres? Any help sure would be appreciated... Thanks, Pete (Pappy)
  13. Another Skyraider (Sorry guys, I just love Skyraiders)...this one an A-1E of the SVAF, 602 FS(C) Bein Hoa, 1964.
  14. From 1986...a T-2C Buckeye in 75th Anniversary of Naval Aviation colors....

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