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  1. F-4S of VF-161......Phantoms RULE!!!!!!!
  2. From long ago...a Yak-25 RV high altitude recce aircraft. This was from Column 5 website dated 2004. Holy cow, has it been that long?
  3. Devil Dogs over the desert...and on the ground. VMFA-314 "Black Knights"
  4. The Hanoi Special, the F-105D Thunderchief of Lt Dave Waldrop heading out on another sortie....
  5. Looks like someone is in a hurry...F-100F-10 Super Sabre 56-3900 heading to the range.
  6. When I was a kid, Felix the Cat was one of my most favorite cartoons...today it is a favorite NAVY squadron...VF-31 Tomcatters CAG.
  7. They must have been using old Kodak film for this shot...
  8. A skin from a long, long time ago...an EB-57B Canberra Still looks pretty awesome!!!
  9. The last manned flight of this QT-33A T-Bird.
  10. Was watching "The Final Countdown". Still love that movie. VF-84 Tomcats were some of the best looking Tomcats ever....
  11. You just gotta love those T-33's.
  12. On this date, 27 July 1972, the McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle (Serial Number 71-0280) took to the air for the first time over the desert at Edwards AFB, California. (As a side note: today is also my wedding anniversary) 46 years later, with thousands of sorties flown, only 4 have been lost to enemy action and it's air to air combat record is over 100 to ZERO, the best of ANY combat aircraft in history!
  13. Real nice, Kevin...Ant's walkways are off just a little. I redid them to more accurately show how the should be. Also...they should be lighter. This is pretty fun. Haven't compared notes in a long time. Pete
  14. Something like this maybe? The CORECT walkways are grey, not black.
  15. U.S. Air Force Lockheed F-104C Starfighter, flown by Captain John Christopher, Call Sign Blue Jay 4 from the Star Trek episode "Tomorrow Is Yesterday".

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