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  1. Hello sir, I've been working on textures for the F-84G and E available at A team Skunkworks.  I have one that needs a decal on the anti-glare panel but have no idea how to put it on. Can you help me? 

    I've sent the complete airplane along with decals.  I've included a picture of the aircraft that shows the location of the decal. Please let me know..Thanks, Pete 


    1. paulopanz


      Here you are my friend!


      I'ld be glad to help with some Italian ones, too, if I could have the templates ...



  2. F-84E Thunderjet of Col. Robert L. Scott Jr. , World War II ace with 13 victories and a member of the famous Flying Tigers.
  3. F-84E Thunderjets of the 68th FBG... Blue - 525th FBS Red - 526th FBS Yellow - 527th FBS C/O aircraft - MultiColored
  4. F-84G Thunderjet 51-1158 aircraft number 132 of the 455th Tactical Fighter Wing, Republic of Taiwan Air Force. Flown by Lt Ouyang Yifen (German: Heinz Ouyang) on July 7, 1956 in a battle with Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force MiG-17's, he shot down two and damage a third! Pretty awesome considering this aircraft was considered inferior to even the MiG-15.
  5. An F-84E of the 10th Air Force.
  6. Col Joe Davis Jr's colorful F-84G Four Queens/Olie.
  7. What if...VMFA (AW)-242 Bats didn't convert to F-35's and went instead to the F/A-18F Super Hornet?
  8. This colorful F-84G Thunderjet, nicked name "Night Take Off, Rurh, was the personnal mount of Col Col Charles Jordan, 58th FBWg commander, Taegu, Korea, circa 1952
  9. Version 2.0.0


    Republic F-84G Thunderjet skins in USAF Thunderbird markings used in 1953 and 1954 before replacing these jets with the swept wing F-84F Thunderstreak. This is NOT a complete airplane. It needs the LOD's supplied by A-Team Skunkworks available at his website: http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/ Hope you enjoy, Pappy
  10. From the 31st Fighter Escort Wing of Strategic Air Command...F-84G Thunderjet
  11. Thunderbird F-84G Thunderjet circa 1954
  12. The B-24J Liberator from YAP.....from a long time ago.

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