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  1. Shut up foo, I ain't gettin' in no aeroplane with you. Faceman you need to talk to this foo, I ain't flyin' wit him.
  2. You need to cut the jibba jabba foo. You know TK wont do that, you'll be lucky he don't send me to kick your ass for just suggesting it. And you know if I show up, I am bringing nothing but a world of hurt for you. Say no to drugs.
  3. Foo, you need to cut the jibba jabba and like the plane as is......if you dont like it, delete it. Continue to complain....you will meet my friend.....PAIN......
  4. I have not come to this site of the web lately, as it has of recent turned into an endless infidelathon. To staff that moderates; Might I suggest you purchase large shredder of the industrial variety for such contingencies. I speak from a position of great experience in these matters, and my advice should not be taken lightly.
  5. Infidel of the week

    Greetings Infidels! I am very apologetic for my absence, but I was on world cruise funded by tax dollars of generous American infidels. I enjoyed myself very much, and had many opportunities to meet and have party with my loyal fans across the globe. Life is very good for me now! Major Lee, you cannot fool me with your rearrangement of name. You are not real major! I know who you really are, Mister Lee Majors! You cannot hide, and do not be shameful now that truth is known to all. I am great fan of your series of the 1970's, Six Million Dollar Man. Saddam and I used to watch reruns on Baghdad Television. You have hot American fox wife with Arabic name. Farah. You lucky infidel dog, you! Speaking of 1970's, I have much time to watch many television series of what I consider to be American televisions and movie greatest of eras while I spend time having party in Miami, USA. I also come now to fully appreciate infidel music, especially that which you call "Heavy Metal". I will tell you a great secret. Saddam secretly wanted to start a heavy metal "hair" band in 1980s, with myself and his cousin chemical Ali. We planned to call ourselves "Babylon Three". Alas, we found chemical to be not so good bass player.... That is all for now, infidel fox calling me back to party. Hope to see you all soon enough.
  6. Infidel of the week

    It is once again time to select person to be infidel of the week. This week, I select the infidel known simply, as 'Wrench". Wrench has been part of community of Strik Fiters since the beginning, and has created many useful and interesting modifications of this most great of all flight stimulators. I am curious, why name yourself Wrench? Where I come from, wrench is used in two ways. To repair broken things (a job for peasants), or to discipline unruly children. The latter is very useful, as evidenced by myself. I was quite unruly as a child and again as a young man. My parents used a US-made Craftsman 1-1/4 inch combination open end-box wrench to correct me, by striking me in side of head forcefully. As you see, this was effective, as proven by who I've become today.
  7. Any History about CA?

    There are many species of eels that reside here at this site-of-the-web known as CombatAce. Many have large teeth that strike fear into the infidel's hearts.
  8. Infidel of the week

    It is time once again to select infidel of the week. Rejoice! This week, I choose F'ates. F'ates is a founding member of this page-of-the-web, and goes about his duties as an administrator with much enthusiasm. He reminds me very much of myself at an earlier age, when I first joined the B'aath party. I find much to favor him, even as he refuses to acknowledge my helpfulness in setting up his aquarium of the salt. But, this I expect, as he is after all, just another infidel. So, here is to you F'ates, infidel of this week. Again, all must choose to rejoice loudly, or face the most dire consequences, such as the lopping off of their hands and feet. Oh, sorry, I've forgotten that I am not in the employ of Saddam anymore.
  9. Any Saltwater Aquarium Pros?

    I very much resent having helpful posts of aquarium of the salt that I made, deleted by someone here. I will file protest to highest authority at Combat Ace, and have those responsible placed under arrest! Now, there is no need to place dead and forbidden shellfish in tank. The use of many, many eels will suffice to cycle aquarium, assuming gravity of specific is correct, and eels are of electric type. Also, Percula fish of clowns (with anemone for cowardly infidel-like fish of clown to hide in) and lionfish make great additions, as they are very hardy. Make sure to stroke lionfish with bare hands, twice daily, and then jab finger into anemone.
  10. Infidel of the week

    This week, I nominate the individual who has call sign of, "Fixer of Hornets" as Infidel of the Week. He has done many, many wonderful things for Strik Fiters community, including adding lights to runways. But, stupid runway and other airfield lights stay on when enemy bombers fly over, providing easy targets solution. I am quite curious. What does "Fixer of Hornets" mean? Is that akin to "Keeper of Bees"? Do hornets make honey?
  11. Can it be? Yes, it is infidel known as "Der Grosse Hosen Sheiser".
  12. Happy B'arfday to

    Two more infidels have reached a milestone today. They are Mad Mike, who has been with us 60 years this very day, and sharpwire, who is celebrating 39 years of existence. May all the eels you should encounter be happy, friendly ones.
  13. Frog goes "rivet rivet", even in land of infidel, yes?
  14. US Navy needs my ideas? OK, I have one idea that I wish to share with them. Replace squids with eels. You like?
  15. Is this accepted practice among infidels? A strange hobby, yes? Going to airfield and counting rivets on planes? How does one keep score? I count 8,346 rivets on MiG-25. Does this mean I win? You infidels have most unusual pastimes.

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