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  1. I'm working on a 1940 Libya desert war mod, while LloydNB is working on a 1941 East Africa mod.  Most of the ground vehicles, aircraft, etc used in Libya were also used in East Africa - we should have most of the stuff done in about a year.  Gepard thinks First Eagles is a better choice for early WW2 stuff because of its better ground tile system - maybe he'll make the maps ?

  2. img00025


    I just added you to a PM thread about more 3D buildings.  Some of the suggestions - like the industrial objects - are finished and released.  Over time, I'll slowly develop harbors and buildings when I need a break from airplanes.

  3. Test 5


    That is a test tile in 3dsMax.  I first made a plane 500m x 500m, then applied the art.  Then, I Tessellated the plane which divided it into many smaller polygons, with points at the intersections.  I then selected those points that sorta/kinda matched the gully and moved the points downward to form a kind of V channel in the plane.


    That is the quick and dirty way to roughly simulate a gully.  A better way would require more points, which would enable you to make a floor to the gully with slanted sidewalls.


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