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  1. Ill Met By Moonlight

    Agreed. A lot of talented people have made the sim what it is today. Speaking for myself, it's a fun hobby that delivers a lot of satisfaction.
  2. While taking shots for the Pfalz D3 intro screens, I accidentally caught some nice mood shots.
  3. New Aircraft

    Tested the latest set of files for the Caudron R11, but the gunners didn't track targets, let alone fire at them. So, until I look through my backups for the earlier files - which DID track/fire at targets - I'm working on the Berg D1 and Bleriot 11. Crawford: Thanks for the research photos - they were a BIG help with the control wire pulleys!
  4. In cooperation with VonS and Quack74, I'm developing some new WW1 aircraft. I've begun mapping the Junkers J.I and will pass it on to Quack for textures, then VonS for FM.
  5. img00012 (2).JPG

    From the album FE2 Atmospherics

  6. img00011 (2).JPG

    From the album FE2 Atmospherics

  7. New Aircraft

    I'm splitting my time between the Caudron R11 and the Berg D1. Berg progress shot below.
  8. New Aircraft

    Guys - Thanks for the help on the Bleriot!
  9. New Aircraft

    Thanks for your help, guys. I figured out the last gauge was fuel pressure!
  10. New Aircraft

    Gterl - Thanks for the research, but I need air pressure gauges for engine pneumatic systems, not barometric altimeter.
  11. New Aircraft

    While I look for a French air pressure gauge, I worked on the Berg D.I Also found a scale model of the D.I used by the Ukraine post-WW1.
  12. New Aircraft

    Thanks! That's exactly the kind of detail information that I need.
  13. New Aircraft

  14. New Aircraft

    Found the Bleriot XI in my backup discs, so I'm dusting off the old model and thinking about what is needed to finish it. The kingpost structure seems the most common, not the trestle. I've not been able to find any closeups of the bracing and warping wire pulleys that were mounted at the apex of the kingpost. These will be VERY visible to anyone "flying" the model so it is important to get them right. Can anyone assist with closeup drawings or photos?
  15. Caporetto Campaign

    Mike - Many thanks for the recommendation - the book is available on Amazon. I've just started it but am enjoying it immensely. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004OR1Q4O/ref=pe_385040_118058080_TE_M1DP
  16. New Aircraft

    Been fooling around with a Berg D.1 - I've always loved the hexagonal camo.
  17. New Aircraft

    Thanks, but Gtrel's maps and Stephen1918's large stable of aircraft make the sim what it is today.
  18. New Aircraft

    It's in the pipeline, but don't hold your breath as I have a lot of other stuff to finish first.
  19. New Aircraft

    The R.11 cockpit is nearly done. Still need to make the instrument faces.
  20. New Aircraft

    Gterl - thanks! I'm working from a sketch in the Windsock data file - #161 - which shows a set of three instruments for each engine, for a total of six. Each engine set shows air pressure, coolant temperature, and engine RPMs. I speak Spanish and a little German, but was unable to find many French sources due to the language barrier. Still gotta find an air pressure gauge.
  21. Damn, I knew the CR32 pilot's visibility was bad, but that is awful. I'll see if I can find the model - I had to clean out my HD recently - and maybe lower the gun sight line a bit?
  22. New Aircraft

    Making good progress on the R11 cockpit, but need help with the instrument panel gauges. Could a French-speaking fan - maybe Coupi or Jeanba - help me out? I need a distinctly FRENCH WW1 engine tachometer, air pressure gauge, and water temperature gauge. Thanks ahead of time.
  23. If I understand you correctly, just install the Max2009 export module per instructions. That should be all you need. I use the export module for MaxR9 and have exported models for both FE2 and SF2 without any problems.

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