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  1. the MiG-37 looks OK, but don't be mocking me w/ the F/A-37 Talon. I remember the movie.. it was a major disappointment. this is how I'd like the PAKFA to look like (I'm a great fan of canards, and my heard ached when they scrapped them off the Su-35):
  2. http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/bigbo...69449_front.jpg
  3. Identify This Wreck

    I was just about to ask. but being in the US, I think it's an F-102 or F-106.. unless you've captured MiG's. it's a Convair graveyard! then again, I may be wrong.. maybe it is a MiG. LOL.
  4. The Cobra Maneuver

    I read that older Pulse-Doppler radars could lose a cobra'ing opponent for a short amount of time. maybe this could've helped in evading radar-guided missiles as well? and I'm also thinking of >> this <<. w/ good timing and a share of luck to our pilot, this may be a very nasty surprise to the pursuer.
  5. Your first combat flight sim...

    first one was NovaLogic's F-22 Lightning II.. then I discovered the love of my life.. Digital Image Design's F-22 Air Dominance Fighter. I was like when I changed from the first to the second. and played it ever since.. now I'm playing ADF from within TAW, but that's another story.

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