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  1. Yeah....one with a great multiplayer...and one without.
  2. Kerry Wins Support Of North Korea

    Needed if your seeking a BJ in the Oval Office. If we had a UN that could do their freaking job...we wouldn't have needed a be the worlds police....again. And I'm not trying to change that....I have mine as well. Agreed...
  3. Senator Kerry And Hanoi Jane

    As much as I think Bush is a Stooge, I'm voting for him becuase of the people that he surrounds himself with. The alternative is not an option....and now that Nader has entered the race...LOL S!
  4. My thoughts on the Demo.... Well....I Think UBI made the right decision. Carl may have made a bad decision to post the fact that the DEMO would be out SOON, but he's living with that...and He's probably just as disgusted as everyone else. It sounds like there is a GOOD demo on it's way to UBI, yet it's UBI's decision to withhold it. So be it. I did not sign the petition. The petition is a swell idea, but is not gonna change ANYTHING. Carl had an excellent breakdown as to "why" on the lomac forum. There is not a single person that post on this forum that will NOT buy the game (except those that feel their computer is not potent enough). You can BITCH about it now...but you'll still put it on your X-mas wish-list. Stormin has always stated "IT WILL BE OUT WHEN IT"S OUT"... I think that goes for the DEMO as well. In other words, "Quit your crying, we are trying to put out an ERROR FREE product as much as possible." I would rather see something that works right outta the box then to have to wait months for patches. Any Producers that complies with that is OK in my book. BOOM! Sidewinder.
  5. YOUR ALL WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe that the LARGEST Carrier Aircraft was the C-130! Here's the Landing video: http://www.hopesanddreams.com/ABCCC/images...C130Landing.mov And here's the TakeOff: http://www.hopesanddreams.com/ABCCC/images...C130Takeoff.mov I also have still photos of the SR-71 on the deck of the USS Enterprise somewhere....
  6. Operation Flashpoint 2 confirmed..

    2004 huh? That's 2005 in accordance with Moore's Law....you see, hardware technology may double every 2 years....but software companies are like dialup.....lots-o-lag hehe.... Sidewinder
  7. Need Help from Biohazcentral.com Readers...

    Will they be adjustable for us taller pilots? j/k
  8. I believe that problem is being covered by Thirdwire. :)

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