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  1. Nice work as always Umut That makes another plane available for the Anatolian campaign project.
  2. Was that ironic? If it was i didn't mean to create a problem nor offend any member of the community, i only offered a suggestion to dsawan
  3. I think you could try asking WhiteBoySamurai for it. He has made a lot of ships for SF2 series for the community. There are also many other talented modders that make ships out there. The results of their hard work can be seen in the downloads area.
  4. JonathanRL i found a solution to my problem. I downloaded again the package and reinstalled it. Now everything works just fine. Must have been a file issue for i don't know what else to assume . Anyway, keep up the good work my friend because i believe the whole community looks forward to the next part of "The Scandinavian Front" project hoping to be as awesome as the previous two.
  5. Maybe we should also consider a near future (in part fictional) scenario taking place around small islands of the Aegean? Using the f-35 for Turkey, the Casa C-23 (SU-35) for Greece and other older planes for each side? Many of them available in the download area. I think it would be very interesting.
  6. I normally play campaigns on normal or hard but i decided to test this one on easy since i didn't have much time. I will try later today to play in another difficulty level and see if that sorts things out.
  7. I don't know if it is a bug or just me but i can fly only one mission before the campaign is over with a victory of the soviets. I followed the installation instructions as per the readme file. I played the campaign on a clean install of SF2E patched to November 2011 level with a separate mod folder. I tested the squadrons that fly P-51B/D the Mosquito and the Catalina, in short every available squadron and plane. No matter if i abort the mission, get the "mission successful" message, or get shot down the outcome is the same: The enemy forces meet their strategic objectives and the campaign is over. I mean it's perfectly logical for the first and third result but even when i succeed?

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