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  1. FSW - weapons for FSX

    Yes, we plan to simulate all kinds of weapons eventually, so that include weapons with datalink as the AMRAAM too. However it might be ready with the first release, but we plan to release regular updates. Campaigns would be nice, but lets take it one step at a time. The FSW add-on will only work with licensed add-on aircrafts. At least to start with. This is because the integrity and quality of FSW has to be kept at a high level.
  2. FSW - weapons for FSX

    As you see in the end of the video, the target is going down. You would think that so many sidewinders hitting that airplane would totally obliterate it. And that is just what will happen when FSW is finished. But at the moment targets will just crash and nothing more. So in short the answer to your question is: Yes, there will be a destructible environment.
  3. I don't think this has been posted here, so for those who are interested but haven't seen it elsewhere: FSW or FSWeapons is an add on in early development that will implement all kind of guided weapons in FSX, air to air and air to ground, and hopefully in the future even SAMs and AI-planes shooting back. For the moment there will only be single player mode, but we have ideas how to enable multiplayer. You can read about it here: http://sul37.blogspot.com Or you can see it in action here:
  4. what am I doing now?

    I just stumbled on this: http://www.ukar.co.uk/board/ikonboard.cgi?;act=ST;f=9;t=9880 Might not be new to you, but I thought it would be interresting to know how the terrain looks like for real to compare to your simulator.
  5. Jet Thunder : Angola - any chance?

    Do you have a gripen model in the works or would you like to have some help?
  6. what am I doing now?

    Are you planning to incorporate AG radar in any planes? If so I have some ideas about how it could be done with a level of realism I don't think any sim has atempted yet. I don't know if it is 100% feasible. But if you're interested give me a private mess and I'll explain what I have in mind.
  7. what am I doing now?

    Looking forward to see what might come from that I got the impression that making every single tree in a sim collidable would be a piece of cake. But then there aren't that many trees in the Falklands, are there?
  8. what am I doing now?

    Is this something you might consider implementing into Jet Thunder?
  9. what am I doing now?

  10. what am I doing now?

    Exactly. It's like comparing the cogwheels on a bike gearing. The angular velocity of them are the same, but the actual speed of the outer rim of each wheel is different I'm happy to help in any way I can :) How about the stuff about adjusting the contrast of the HUD? Is that something you might consider? Most sims has the option to chose the color of the HUD to solve the problem with bad contrast against the background. My idea would be more realistic if it works.
  11. what am I doing now?

    Just two suggestions. First, and I guess you know this, the pitch ladder is suffering from the same thing as most HUDs I've seen in MSFS. The picture used for it is too small so the lines in the ladder in't really following their indicated angle. That is, thy indicate the right angle whn you are at that angle but then they don't move according to the world. You can see this best on th line indicating the horizon. It should be "glued" to the horizon, but it's not. Second, it would be very nice if you could make the contrast of the HUD change with the background. I don't know if all fighters use this, but from reading the documentation for the SAAB JA-37, I found out that the HUD is ajusting the contrast according to how bright th background is. I gues it won't be possibl to meassure the brightnes of the background in the sim, but it could change according to angle to the ground and angl to the sun. Other than that, you're doing a great job.
  12. what am I doing now?

    That's good enough for me ;)
  13. what am I doing now?

    No updates for some time. Is nothing new happening or have you just got tired of reporting it <_<
  14. can we have movable visors

    How good is the visor really. Can the pilot look right into the sun as long as the visor is down?
  15. can we have movable visors

    That is a really good idea. Most sims have some sort of glare that make it hard to see planes when looking directly at the sun. But the flashbang effect from R6 is far better than anything I've seen in any flightim. IRL, when you look at the sun, it really hurts and you for a while after it's hard to see anything in any direction. A feature like this would make looking into the sun higly undesirable and make tactics like attacking from the sun more interesting.

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